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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 130
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Andile unties himself and stands up. She holds my shoulders from behind and I jump a little…I think I might just die because of fright here, he smirks a little and pushes me to the chair. He starts to tie me up and I don’t even resist… I have lost all will to do anything.

A girl enters… I know her she is the attorney from my company… the one that dealt with Abby’s case.

I am done being stunned now… I wish to open my eyes and everything is back to normal.
Andile takes off his shirt that is splattered with red liquid which I thought was blood and he puts an a clean one. Abby takes my phone and gives it to the girl then instructs her to throw it away.

Me: what do you want from me…?
She laughs…
Abby: that question…. I want everything from you Trish… and I mean everything. First of all I want your mother to become my mom… second of all I want your children… the ones inside your stomach as we speak and lastly all your fortune and riches… I want them in my name.

I feel like everything happening here is unreal.
Me: why?

Abby: because… you b---h… I want to ruin you and that mother f----r husband of yours…. You ruined my life
Excuse me… because of you I lost my father and my first baby… as I think about it I get even more scared I want to cry but I don’t… I can’t… the last time I dealt with Abby I lost one of my parents and my unborn baby. My biggest fear has come to reality.

She is busy yelling about how I ruined her life but I am not even listening…. The reason why I didn’t want to admit to my pregnancy… the fear… what if I lose my children again… what if she kills my mother… i9 am brought back to the present my a sharp pain on my cheek… then another one but I still don’t scream or cry… it’s like I am dead but alive.

Abby: she was all I had… they were the only ones that gave me a reason to wake up every day and try to survive… do you know that we wouldn’t be here if your husband…. If only… if only… your husband had given me a million… just a million nothing more everything would have been fine… I would have left you and your family alone
She was panting very heavily….

Me: why are you after my family… just wait until I give birth then you can kill me… please?
I feel so helpless… I feel like my words are stupid… I don’t even know what I am saying.
She laughed and tears start trickling down my eyes

Abby: no… I will take your mom and children so that you know what it feels like
What dos she mean I know what it feels like.
Abby: yes Trisha… I was pregnant and my mom had a brain tumor…. I had a miscarriage the night you kicked my tummy and after I was sent to prison without a trial my mom died the next day…

I really tried holding myself but I couldn’t… I found myself weeping so loudly… what happened that night… I thought I was over everything but this bipolar lady is bringing everything back.

Abby: and just because I wanted money to take mom to a private hospital.

She paced around me grunting and murmuring alone… when she stopped I felt a tight slash on my cheek. I bowed my head and closed my eyes

Andile: I really like you Trisha… I tried to avoid all this you know… but d--n that husband of yours… I had my team ready to take your mothers child and your mother just so we could avenge your family but somehow he realized something.

Abby: forget about that one… I like the one I have right now. It will destroy henry until he is the walking dead… soon he will commit suicide

I stopped crying and kept completely silent. They went out for a while the minute I closed my eyes I felt cold water splashing over me. I gasped for breath and opened my eyes. He grinned and went out. Suddenly I heard gun shots outside Abby came rushing in and tearing down my night dress and exposing my tummy then pointed a gun to my stomach.
Ken barged inside followed by henry and then Mr. Tyson.

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