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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 132
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Two weeks later he took me to meet Abby after she woke up. The doctor didn’t believe if she would ever be able to walk again.

The minute I stepped inside she had her eyes on me.

Me: Abigail
Abby: what do you want
Me: I am sorry…

She signed and looked at the other side of the bed.

Abby: I am also sorry… I know that you probably hate me to bits even though you are here… I heard that I only got saved because of you

Me: Abby I may be a rich spoilt brat and maybe I have not experienced what you have gone through out there but I am also human I have a heart… had you just come to me that you needed help I wouldn’t have hesitated to help you

Tears start rolling down my cheeks… I feel Ken’s hands on my shoulder trying to get me out of there but i resisted.
Me: where was Andile all this time?

Abby: Andile smuggles drugs…. he was out of the country… in fact he has never really been with us

Me: please forgive me and my husband Abby
Abby: I have no idea why you are apologizing
Me: is there anything you would like done
Abby: yes… I have a nine year old son… they took him away from me when I went to prison
Me: I will bring him back to you

Abby: no…. take care of him… he lives in an orphanage… just make sure he has food on his stomach when he goes to sleep but don’t adopt him
Me: why don’t you want him back?
Abby: and tell him that I love him with all my heart

Then out of nowhere she raises her arm with a huge syringe and stabs herself on the heart. I froze… it seems Abby enjoys traumatizing me. Ken takes me out of the room and leads me to here henry is as the nurses rush inside.

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