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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 137
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Her little bun was ruined and as soon as she came to her senses she dressed up quickly muttering “oh shit” then when she was done she held her hair up but I think she needed a comb

Me: why are you panicking baby
Fadz: you dirty little manipulator
She was serious but if you really know her you wouldn’t miss the sarcasm in her voice
Me: hey… what did I do wrong?
Fadz: I told you that I am leaving but no… you had to unarm me
Me: Fadz…. Are you serious about you leaving?
Fadz: what you think I am kidding
Me: so… you are just going to leave me like that?

Fadz: I have no choice
Me: Fadz… please no… don’t do this to me
She paused and looked at me
Fadz: you think I mean that I am breaking up with you…. No… I don’t mean that… I mean that we are leaving for Zimbabwe… my grandmother died and we are going to her funeral
Oh…. That explains her black dress.
Me: oh

Fadz: yes… so I am not leaving your crazy self anytime soon baby
She gave me a kiss
Me: by the way… I am sorry about your granny
Fadz: don’t worry she was ninety three years she lived her life man… not everyone can reach that age. By the way I am pretty sure I smell of sex but we are leaving right now and my parents are downstairs at the garage

What the f--k!!!!
She laughed at the expression on my face.
Fadz: dad was actually impressed with you the other day… as much as it hurt me that day… dad kept us all locked in to see when you will leave for home. And that very same day we got a call about granny’s death.
Me: you mean it
Fadz: yes

Me: so they let you come to see me before you go?

Fadz: yes
If I was eight years old I would have jumped on top of the table with the excitement.

Fadz: don’t get me wrong though… he was pissed off that you had a nerve to do what you did but he was more impressed that you had the courage to kneel and apologize and offer to take my punishment because you loved me.
I grabbed her waist and kissed her then pulled her hand.

Me: come on… I am going to greet them
She laughed

Fadz: whoa lover boy… you look a mess, you haven’t even tucked in your shirt.
I quickly prepared myself and went to meet her parents.

Me: Good day…. Parents
Mr. Zanindi: you have a nerve boy
Me: I am sorry sir
Mr. Zanindi: you f--k my daughter then pull on an innocent face

My tongue swelled. What… how did he know?
Mr. Zanindi: you think after this I don’t know about the time you took my daughter for New Year’s Day and the day my daughter spent at your house, what you did.
The first thing that came out of my mouth was a nervous laugh… even Fadz laughed
Me: no sir… you got it all wrong sir… I just wanted to tell you to drive safely… Had I known earlier I would have booked you a flight
Mr. Zanindi: sure you would have
He gave me a newspaper and left in his car…. I have never been so happy. I opened the papers and the cover page was my relationship to Fadz. It was yesterday’s paper. I just laughed and went back in… I couldn’t careless about the paper.

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