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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 138
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Yep I have moved to my house again and well Henry decided to take a leave for my whole ninth month. I mean how wonderful that is. Mom and mother in law officially stay with me. Junior is one happy little baby who loves talking way too much although all he can do right now is wail.

Emily: mom…
Me: sleep sweet heart
Emily: when the babies come… will you still love me

Me: of course baby…. I will always love you… do you know why?

Emily: no
Me: because you are my child
Emily: and I will be the best big sister
Me: sure you will… how is your mom
Emily: you mean my other mom?
Me: yes….

Emily: she is really nice… she says I am the best thing that ever happened to her
Me: that makes the two of us…. sleep baby okay.

I switched the lights off and went to my room… I think I took thirty minutes. Henry was sitting on the bed waiting for me. as soon as I lied down he started massaging my legs. Honestly I k now that sometimes I am impossible but this man of mine…. He has been treating me like I am a glass… like seriously he hired a midwife to stay at home with me.

Henry: I told you not to bother yourself with Emily

Me: she requested for me
Henry: you know I won’t argue with you… are you full?
Me: yes I just want to sleep.
Henry: are my babies not kicking
Me: they always do like crazy but surprisingly today they are silent as hell
Henry: do you think something is wrong… do you want us to go to the hospital
Me: no Henry… we are leaving in Five days although I don’t get why because there is still two weeks before my due date.

Henry: two weeks before I see my little angels.
I giggled just before I felt a cramp. I kept quite then rested. I woke up in the middle of the night suffocating. The cramps were unbearable.

Oh shit…. The bed is wet. My water broke… my water broke
Me: my water broke
That came out as a yell that woke henry up. He switched on the light and the moment he sat his eyes on me he panicked.
Henry: Mom….mom… Susie
He ran downstairs yelling…. Susie is the mid wife.

Me: henry don’t leave me alone
I cried… the cramps were killing me. He came upstairs and helped me put my shoes on… my mom and henry’s mom came rushing up followed by the mid wife.
He tried to help me up but the only thing I wanted to do was kneel. The mid wife la!d me back on my back and checked me out
Henry: what the hell are doing… she has to a cesarean operation
He was yelling more than I was
Susie: it’s too late… she has to give birth here now
Me: what?
Henry: what?

Me: no… that can’t be possible… I am giving birth to three babies… three people
Susie: there is no time to argue someone get me a towel a blanket Luke warm water.
Me: I am going to die… I am going to die…. I have to do a C-section

Mom: I have called the ambulance they are on the way
Henry: don’t cry baby… it’s going to be okay

Me: it’s going to be okay…. Henry I am dying
I was now crying…. I don’t know if it was because of the fear of giving birth by pushing or because of the cramps. Soon I felt her slapping my inner thighs twice
Susie: I am going to count to ten……
Oh sh*t

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