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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 139
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“The babies are really cute… and honestly I think daddy is going crazy” a tiny voice said I slowly opened my heavy eye lids. “You know he wants the babies here but the doctor is refusing.” I saw Emily sitting on my bed besides me playing with her top. There was no one else in the room. This is a hospital why is she here alone. I made an attempt to move and she raised her eyes to me. She smiled and threw herself on me giving me a hug. I halted a little but I accepted her hug
Me: Emily
My throat was a bit dry so I cleared it a little bit
Emily: do you want water?
Me: no I am fine… what are you doing here alone

Emily: well I came here with granny but then they left me at the car…. I was scared so I followed them in here and I don’t think anyone noticed me. They were all panicking since there were the babies who were not crying and you had fainted…

My babies!!
Emily: its really weird that they wanted the baby to cry. So they all left me sitting on the bench in front of your room and they went to the babies. So I got inside.
Me: my babies… where are they… why were they not crying… are they alright.
I know asking a child this question was out of the question but she was the only person next to me. She rolled her eyes. The last thing I remember was the midwife telling me that the last baby was out and mom smiling at me. oh… and the ambulance was there with the paramedics but either way I was too tired to even hold my children I think I fell unconscious after I gave birth to the last one.

Emily: why do you want the babies to cry… you are bad parents?

Just when I was about to stand up, the doctor entered and rushed to sit me back.
Me: my children are they okay
Doctor: don’t worry mam… your children are okay
Me: where are they?
Doctor: don’t worry your husband is still with them. I will inform him that you are awake but you need to rest… I am sure that you can’t even walk.
I agreed to rest then he turned to Emily
Doctor: little girl
Emily: hi… I am Emily
Me: she is my first born
He looked at me then at Emily then back at me again. He was so confused but he didn’t ask any questions, he just asked Emily to follow him out.

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