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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 140
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Fadz: if you dared…. My father would kill you
I sighed
Me: am sure he would.
I kissed her again wondering why the hell I said I would kill her, the weird thing is I just couldn’t take back my words.
Me: I love you so much… I wonder what kind of a potion you used on me to fall for you so fast
She chuckled
Fadz: I could ask you the same question.
Me: if I proposed to you right now would you say yes
Fadz: right now I want to know if you are high
Me: yes baby… I am high
Fadz: cocaine or marijuana
Me: the one I am using is much stronger than that
Fadz: which is?
Me: you
Fadz: what?
Me: you are my drug baby… and you are so dangerous to my health because I can’t get through the day without you.
Fadz: baby… that is so wrong in all levels but also cute
Me: cute?
Fadz: yes baby and also romantic
She thinks I am cute… who says a man is cute?
Me: but baby… I really need to know if you would say yes
Fadz: I would say yes after I am responsible and more matured enough baby…. Okay
Me: I will decide when that will be and I am going to propose on that day then you will be mine forever and ever Amen.
Fadz: what if I pay your Lobola
Me: now I am sure you also didn’t take your meds
Fadz: no… like seriously, it will be some kind of women empowerment thing
I laughed at her not really believing what she is saying.
Me: I think I would be crazy baby… I am not going to bear you children but you are…
Fadz: hey… the money doesn’t matter
Me: oh God… what am I listen to… this PA of mine thinks like a crazy person

Fadz: really now
Me: but I still want to marry my PA
She laughed
Fadz: that statement is just so off… what kind of a man marries their PA?
Me: the kind that fu-Cks their PA.
Fadz: you know… I think henry is waiting for us
Me: Fadz sit down… we are not leaving this place until i get tired of sitting down.
She slowly sat down and we continued to chat and tease each other. Even by lunch time… we were still seating down.
Me: what is the time?
Tlamelo: I think it’s almost two
Me: where the hell are my children?
Slowly I was getting impatient. It has been the whole morning and I haven’t even had a glimpse of my children. Not even henry
Stella: chill okay… your babies are fine
Me: seriously… I am about to stand up and walk down that passage to my children
Stella: you can’t even stand
Tlamelo: hey… your husband just texted me… he said I should tell you that he is waiting for Zenzele
Me: you have to be kidding me
Stella: I have been thinking
Me: yes…
Stella: about that kid who the mother died at the orphanage. I want to adopt him but when I tried they told me that you are already taking care of him.
Me: why do you want to adopt him?
Stella: I stay alone… I have a huge house a car and a good job I am lonely and my baby doesn’t want to move in with me… she calls me mom but when she refers to you she says “my real mom” like I am a fake
She was talking all this but she was smiling. I wonder how she often feels like when Emily does that.
Me: okay… ill give them a go ahead but why don’t you want a husband
Stella: I hope you don’t mind my words but I feel as though I am good without man in my life
Tlamelo: high five to that… you and me… we on the same app group
They laughed. They did this whenever I start to get worried about my children and I am easily destructed but not completely. Chloe poked her head in with a smile on her face. Lately everyone has been arriving and I mean everyone.
Chloe: has anyone thought of the names
Tlamelo: yes… Tlamelo Junior
Me: that’s ridiculous
Rena also came in
Rena: I think the mother should name then.
Me: I think so too
Tlamelo: hey… let me try the boy’s name
Me: okay…
Tlamelo: um… Ginger boy
Chloe: we are not naming food here…
They laughed again but my heart was aching to see my children. This is torture… pure torture
Chloe: I am thinking the boy should be called Olive the girls will be oliver and liv
Rena: that is so stupid… how about Andrea Drea and Andrew.
Chloe: stupid as mine.
Suddenly the door opened slowly “hi” I held my breath… What is she doing here
Me: Stella
She threw a little smile at me and I just didn’t know what to say go her.
Stella: girlfriend… I am sorry I dont know how to say this in a way that you would understand but I never meant to hurt you…. I miss you so much and staying over seas knowing your twin soul is mad at you… Its hard. I just want you to forgive me… Please
I was still out of words but I also missed my friend.
Me: who told you that I’ll be giving birth
Fadz: it was Tlamelo..mshe called me last night
Last night
Tlamelo: yes… After Chloe told me…
Me: and you boarded a plane just to see me.
Tracy: yes.
I hugged her. I was even happy because honestly…I dont know where that hatred and anger disappeared to. Fadz budged in
Fadz: where are the babies?
Me: thats the question I been asking the whole day.
Everyone suddenly filled the room with flowers and presents. Henry entered with three nurses holding three tiny people.
Henry: I am sorry I already named them
This girl is named Lorato.
The nurse gave me a baby girl wearing a top written “will you”
Henry: this girl is named Tshepiso
I held the second wearing a similar shirt written “Marry my”
Henry: The boy is named Thabiso.
I tried by all means to hold all three of them. The boy was wearing a shirt printed “dad again”
Me: will you marry my dad again.
I whispered. And when I raised my eye to him he was kneeling by my bedside.
Henry: our wedding was done in a haste. No real love there and it hasn’t exactly been smooth.
Oh my God… I dont know why I am getting so emotional
Henry: I thought I loved you but I only realise now that I was lying to myself… Right now I love you even more than my own life and I want you to give me a consent to give you the best wedding of your dreams… A wedding that hold a true significance of our love. I love you Trisha
I looked at my three adorable dolls and at this man who is making tears gush out from my eyes without hitting me.
Tlamelo: oh my God she is crying.
Me: what… No… Someone is dicing some Onion’s.
They laughed. And I nodded to Henry. He stop up and kissed me. I can’t believe he just did that.

I was in the theater watching Fadz dance with her friends. She was amazing and she kept on stealing little glances at me then smiling. The past few weeks have been great. Her mother likes me but I still think her father doubts me. I wonder what I have to do to prove myself. I have been invited to dinner at her house tonight I am thinking about introducing her to my parents.
Fadz: so…

Me: you were great… you move like you are carefree when you are dancing
Fadz: I do feel good when I dance
I gave her a kiss.
Me: and you are amazing. Trisha gave birth did I tell you?
Fadz: no… when?
Me: last night… henry wants us at the hospital.
Fadz: what are we waiting for… let’s go see the babies.
Me: wait… you just finished dancing
Fadz: so….
Me: let’s have breakfast first…
She looked at me like I am impossible but either way I led her to the car and we went to a restaurant.

Me: I want to you to meet my parents
Fadz: I have met them
Me: no… I want you to meet my parents as my girlfriend
Fadz: no…
She whispered her eyes all out.
Me: why not… I don’t want us to be a secret from my parents
Fadz: babe… your mom is so scary
Me: your dad is scary but either way he accepted me right…. even when he caught me and you kissing in front of his yard
She frowned and twisted the lettuce with her fork

Me: or do you expect her to find out about our relationship seeing us kissing
She gasped.
Fadz: are you out of your meds
Me: she would kill you and bury me alive next you
Fadz: she is really that bad?
Me: no… she is not bad… just a mother, although I never understand how parents operate
Fadz: same here…. This lettuce is really
Me: good
Fadz: leafy

Me: what did you expect it to be like?
Fadz: don’t… don’t… don’t start with me
Me: just asking… I mean it’s a leafy vegetable baby
Fadz: I would have preferred steak
Me: you have too much meat baby
Fadz: whatever… why are we still seating
Me: instead of…
Fadz: going to Trisha
Me: we can see Trisha anytime we want… she is not dying she just gave birth.
Fadz: oh my god what is wrong with you today….

Me: I want to spend today with you… if we go there now… I won’t have a chance to watch you sulk and complain because I am troubling you and you can’t throw a shade at me because you love me.
I teased her and she hissed at me.
Fadz: you are so…. Impossible
Me: that’s not the word… I am selfish
Fadz: what?
Me: yes… I don’t want to share you with anyone… not even with Trisha’s babies
She giggled and stuffed some lettuce in her mouth

Me: I really do love you Fadz
Fadz: I know
Me: really… okay tell me how much I love you
Fadz: to the moon and back
Me: to hell and back
Fadz: to hell
Me: absolutely
Fadz: what if you I cheat on you
Me: I would kill you
She frowned
Fadz: kill me
Me: trust me on this one… I would
For some reason I even believed I would at that moment. I could see how she wanted to argue but she kept her mouth tightly closed.
Fadz: you know you don’t own me
Me: I know… but you are my girlfriend.
I could see that somehow I had disturbed her a little so I pulled her into my arms although she wasn’t welcoming as usual.
Me: hey… come here…. You know I love you so much I would never allow anyone close to you… and I would never hurt you.
Fadz: if you dared…. My father would kill you
I sighed

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