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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 144
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Flash back

Me: where are we going?
Mom: to your wedding
Me: mom… I know that we are going to my wedding but where is the venue
Mom: Henry said not go tell you
Me: this is frustrating

They stopped outside a stadium and everyone got out. I started wondering if our wedding was at the wedding. When mom opened the door for me everything as confirmed. My 13 months old babies were in the care of their other grandmother

Me: mom… Henry had our wedding at a stadium.

Mom: shut up and move…
Me: seriously…
She led me to the entrance and as soon as we appeared from the inside I almost stopped breathing….

There were a lot of people from the stands… There were reporters and presenters and cameras that made me feel dizzy. I knew that Zenzels had made us famous by his business and his background. People had started digging things about our family but today… I swearvHenry had surpassed all of zenzele’s efforts on making us famous.
Mom: he did all this… Don’t disappoint.
Me: my God
She took my hand and led me down the red capert that led all the way to the center. This time we shot straight to our vows after a short praterq

Me: Henry… I believe the best thing that my dad has ever done is hand me over to you. Over the past year I have learnt that love is not only heart and flowers love is not only happiness and butterflies. Love is companionship through bad times and good times… Love is… Its undescribable and I know for sure that I love you so much and I wouldn’t trade anything for my love. I promise to give you my all… To love and cherish you through it all…. I love you henry Tyson.

Tea s were rolling down and ivwas scared the mascara might be making me hideous.
He took my hand and kissed it then a slow melodious sound of a guitar hit the speakers. He took the mic. He started singing his vows…. Totally unexpected and romantic.
Baby you drive me nuts…
You make me lose my mind
You make me wanna climb the highest mountain
and yell about my love to you so that the whole world can listen.

Girl you ain’t the most easiest person to deal with
but thats one of the thingsvthag draws me closer to you.

Words can’t describe how I’m feeling about you
I want to love you like you’ve never been before
I want you as mine and mine only…
They say true love is fairytale stuff
but I believe I found true love.

There is nothing more to be said
Because we been through it all
And we are still here together
And we gone be like this until the rest of our lives

He threw the mic down and grabbed my waist smashing his lips against mine and we literally made out in front of everyone.


Fadz: I am making the right decision right?
Me: absolutely

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