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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 74
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Fadz: you have to be kidding me…

Me: I swear I will do it

Fadz: you wouldn’t dare…

She looked me with her stubborn eyes and held her waist. We were in front of her house and I was threatening to go and talk to her parents if she doesn’t come with me to the ball.

Me: do you want to bet on it

Fadz: I am not going and that is that

Me: okay, I am going to your parents then.
I walked to her yard and she watched me silently, I looked at her as I opened the gate and she didn’t move. Okay… I walked to her house and she started to slowly walk behind me. I stood in front of her door and she stopped walking a few meters from me. I looked at her and fear was written all over her face. I raised my hand to nock but then my heart started skipping really fast.
What the hell am I going to say to her parents?
I looked at her again and she just blinked, I raised my hand and pretended to nock but the door opened and I stood face to face with a scary looking man.

Man: how may I help you
I swallowed hard… no greetings. Okay

Me: I am looking for Mr. Zanindi… who happens to be Fadz’s father

Man: you are looking at him.

Me: okay… I am here because of your daughter sir… she applied at my company sir and then…

And then what… think, think, think

Me: and then she has been working there the past week.

D--n it I can’t arrange my sentence properly

Mr. Zanindi: is that so Fadzai’s

Fadzai’s… I never heard her full name before, he looked at her above my shoulder and I also turned to look at her. She threw a smile and nodded it was as if she could see how nervous I was. I looked at the her father and his eyes returned to me.

Mr. Zanindi: ok so…

Me: so even though it’s New Year’s Eve, we need her at the company, there are some files that she shifted and no one is able to find them… we need them for some deal and we could lose a lot of money if we fail to deli9ver sir…

Mr. Zanindi: its 2130

Me: I know sir but your daughter could cost us a lot of millions… and if she doesn’t come I may be forced to fire her

Fadz: please can I go dad

Mr. Zanindi: it’s late

Me: I will personally drop her back just as I personally came to ask for her

Mr. Zanindi: I would rather you fire her… I do not trust anyone with my daughter

Fadz: dad… I get like 10 000 at month end… I need this

Mr. Zanindi: which company

Me: Sindia Express… she is my secretary
He widened his already huge eyes and looked back into the house.

Mr. Zanindi: alright… but bring her home before 2230 or else I am calling the police…

Me: you have my word
I turned around in excitement and looked at her then winked.

Me: Mrs. Zanindi…. May we go?
I said trying to sound professional

Fadz: bye dad
She walked with me to the car as soon as we were inside the car I laughed and she smacked my arm.

Me: man your father is scary

Fadz: hey… that’s my dad you are talking about.

Me: I thought you didn’t want to go

Fadz: well I just didn’t know which excuse to use. you are not going to bring me home at 2230 are you?

Me: no…

I looked at her then we both laughed. Then I looked at her baggy jeans. The shops were closed at this time and I really couldn’t appear at the house with a girl wearing baggy jeans and a golf t-shirt while I am dressed in a an expensive suit. I texted Trisha to meet me at her house.

Trisha: what’s the emergency?
She got off her Porsh and looking a bit worried. As usual she was looking flawless in a blue sleeveless dinner dress with killer heels and perfect make up.

Me: you looking great

Trisha: thanks, you look good too in that white suit. but I am quite sure that you didn’t text me here for that.

Me: yes I am borrowing one of your dresses.

Trisha: dresses?

Me: yes dresses

Her passenger door opened and Tracy got off in a red short pencil dress.

Tracy: you want to look like a lady for one night Zenzie

She teased and I just frowned. I got a little closer to Trisha

Me: my guess is having a little bit of a dressing problem.

She raised her eyebrows in shock.

Trisha: your guest… where is she?

Me: in the car… let me go get her
I went back to the car.

Fadz: exactly what are we doing here?

Me: you are going to dress up…

Fadz: of course… I didn’t think I was going to show up at a fancy dance dressed like this.
She laughed but didn’t move.

Me: let’s go.

Fadz: who are the ladies… your fashion advisors?

Me: no… my sister in law and her friend

Fadz: oh dear… you called your family to help me with my dressing

Me: I don’t want to argue the time is up…

Fadz: well I am ready to argue

Me: ok then argue, but make sure you hold your smart mouth when talking her
I said then carried her out. She quickly wriggled off me

Fadz: okay I can walk…

Me: then walk

I held her hand and took her to Trisha

Trisha: okay… your guest definitely came unprepared.

Me: Trisha this is Fadz… my girlfriend and Fadz this is my sister in law Trisha

They both froze as they looked at each other, I was quite sure Trisha froze because I have a girlfriend and Fadz froze because I introduced her as my girlfriend. Fadz broke the staring contest first

Fadz: um… hi

Trisha: girlfriend… you have a girlfriend
She was still stunned but then Tracy busted with laughter

Tracy: you sure you’re his girlfriend

Me: babe… the one you respect is Trisha… the other one just be yourself with her

Trisha: no don’t be silly Zenzie… um Fadz… nice to meet you.

Oh she collected herself, although I liked the look on her face.

Fadz: you too

Trisha: this is my friend Tracy….

Tracy: nice to meet you Mrs. Zenzie…

Trisha: okay let’s go inside I think I may have something for you.

Fadz: hold on… you want me to meet a lot more of your family

Trisha: no my mother is at the party the house is empty
Up in her room she took out five different dresses for her

Trisha: Mr. Tyson please excuse us for a moment

Me: I don’t trust you guys with her

Tracy: you can trust us

Me: what the… I am definitely not moving

Tracy: I won’t say anything Mr. Hunky hunk… or do you wanna charge yourself watching your girlfriend undress

She laughed and color had drained off Fadz’s face. I wanted to reply her but she had left me totally speechless. Trisha swallowed in a laugh and I moved outside. I waited a full hour while they were locked up inside the bedroom. If only they could see how impatient I was. Finally Tracy Appeared coming down stairs with a grin on her face.

Me: what.

Tracy: nothing… Just… You are amazing. So you have the audacity to call your ex to borrow your current girlfriend clothes.
Eish… This one.

Me: hey Tracy… Do you ever mind your own business?

Tracy: it seems as though I always like your girlfriends… I don’t know why.
She laughed and looked at upstairs.

Tracy: presenting… Mrs. Zenzele.
I looked up stairs and saw her coming down with Trisha holding on to the rail and looking so gorgeous in a white dress. I had never seen you Trisha wearing it. It had long sleeves but didn’t cover up shoulders but it showed her sexy cleavages, a slit that went mid-thigh and it was revealing her perfect body… She was wearing killer heels similar to Trisha’s heels and her make-up was beyond perfect. She always tied her hair in a bun but now she let it fall freely down to her shoulders and curled up the hair that was styled to flow over the face. For a moment there I almost thought it was weave but anyone could see that this wasn’t a fake. She gave me a smile and then bit her glossy lips. I found myself up and already giving her my hand to come downstairs.

Me: you look…

Fadz: don’t say it

Me: out if this world.

Fadz: oh jeez… Look its 2230

I looked at the time then at her then we both laughed… Her father was going to have to deal with the fact that her daughter spend New Year’s eve out. I sent him a text that we haven’t finished but I will bring her as soon as I can. Then I gave her daughter a kiss.

Me: if only your father knew.

Trisha: guys we are leaving and I want to lock my mother’s house.

Me: yes… of course.

When we arrived Fadz plainly refused to let me take her hand. We met mom and dad by the door.

Mom: I was starting to wonder where you had gone.

Me: I just went to pick up my guest… Fadz this is my mom and dad… mom, dad this is Fadz my….

Fadz: his secretary

Dad: nice to meet you young lady

Mom: are you well

I glanced at her pale face in surprise. And she nodded at mom.

Me: yes… secretary. She could be your daughter in law one day.

Fadz: (chuckles) oh Mr. Tyson… I told you that it’s never going to happen.

I smiled in amusement and mom pulled a scary face looking at her. I took her by the hand and led her away. The way the house had transformed one could barely notice that it was the Tyson house. The decorations were out of this world… the was a high stand that was being set up for performers but no one was there yet. A lot of people had attended and I knew not a single one of them. They were all looking elegant, each one of them chatting and laughing except one or two who were on their own. A soft piece of classic music filled the room but no one was dancing yet. There was a row of tables where food were placed for everyone and for the first time since I entered this house mother had hired a catering service and waiters moved around with Champaign. I took two glasses and offered it to Fadz.

Fadz: I don’t drink…

Me: very well then.

Fadz: nice party… exactly what I had in mind. Do you do this every year?

Me: I don’t know… I will ask mom about that.

Fadz: you don’t know… don’t you live here

Me: sweetheart it’s complicated.

I spotted all my brothers and their wives and Sam was with some girl who looked like a Barbie doll. They were all dressed to their best. Leonard was in a black and white striped suit Danny in a black suit Sam in a navy blue suit and henry was in a white suit like me. Their wives were also looking amazing not weird like I always view them Rena was in a black tight dinner dress, Chloe in a fishtail pink dinner dress and the Barbie doll was in a yellow dress that was extremely short in the front and flowed all the way down at the back.

Sam: my little brother… you are on point.
I gave all of them a hand shake while their wives just nodded at me.

Me: thanks… you are also all on point…. Oh by the way this is Fadz, my girlfriend… Fadz… this are my brothers Leonard, Danny, henry, and Sam by their sides are their wives the only one that isn’t married here is Sam.

Sam: you and I both my brother… Fadz, exotic name.

Fadz: nice to meet you all

Danny: what does it mean?

Fadz: make them happy

Sam: who?

Henry: you have been dating since when?

Me: oh almost a month now.
I laughed

Me: the name means make them happy

Sam: oh… any way this is Nicky, my very own girlfriend

I looked at her, she threw a killer smile and flattered her eyelashes at me then I noticed that they were fake oh and she was wearing wig.

Me: nice to meet you Nicki

Nicki: my pleasure

She smiled then father took everyone’s attention at the stage. We all sat at the set tables and turned to him. He gave a very short speech about how this year was an unforgettable one that he had welcomed new members to the family and how the almighty was by his side. Another lady from my mother’s side took the mike and gave a long speech which I ended up on my phone instead of listening. Fadz poked me.

Fadz: are we at a party or a funeral

Me: it’s boring isn’t it?

Fadz: boring doesn’t even start to explain it… I feel like disappearing
I chuckled and looked at everyone who was paying attention.

Fadz: you know if I was at home I think we would probably be chatting and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

Me: last year I went to the stadium for New Year’s Eve

Fadz: oh I was there too but didn’t your mother oppose

Me: uh… she didn’t know

Fadz: you sneaked

Me: no actually I didn’t

Fadz: then she wasn’t here
I received a message.

Me: who could possibly have time to send me message at this time?

Fadz: work

She said and I chuckled as I checked the message… oh shit… I smiled and looked at her.

Fadz: what

Me: your dad is at my work place

Fadz: no!

Me: don’t worry I will simply tell him that the deal is not taking place at the company building.

Fadz: I hope he doesn’t catch me.

Me: relax… if he does then I will take all the blame.

I kissed her forehead and covered her with my arm after texting back her father.

Trisha: this year was a bit of a roller coaster for me, especially during the last moths. I have lost and I have gained I have cried a lot but now I am happy.

I took a deep breath as I felt a lump form on my throat

Me: I remember how my dad enticed me on this marriage.

I stole a glance at my parents in law and they were paying attention.

Me: I actually thought my dad hated me but then all he wanted was the best for me and the best was what I got, he always told me that my mother and I we were his life and he loved us dearly

I looked at my mom and sorrow had over taken over her face for the moment.

Me: yes I did love him so much and I still do. I remember that one of the most painful times was learning about his death
I blinked away tears.

Me: he got a bullet for me… that’s how much he loved me but he left me in the hands of a loving man
I tried smiling but emotions were taking control and a tear dropped. I glanced at Henry who was starring right back at me with so much love in his yes

Me: and I love him so much for that… may his soul rest in peace.

I took a deep breath again to get rid of the heaviness in my heart then slightly laughed as I looked at the Tyson family, father and mother in law were sitting with the kids’ and my little Emily was on her laps.

Me: If anyone had told me that by this time this year that I would be married and living my life this way theni would have not believed but I am lucky my life turned out this way. Thank you.

I gave the mic back to father in law. The hired band got on stage and the dance started. I kept quite as I moved swiftly to the slow beat of the music in Henry’s arms Giving myself time to think.

Soon everyone headed out to the garden where fire works were to take place as the years crossed.

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