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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 75
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Me: good day Ms. Zanindi

Fadz: you here to buy anything

Me: actually yes

Fadz: oh great… what

Me: a kiss

Fadz: I am at work

Me: I know and I just got out of the office just to see you

Fadz: zee, some of us work for a living.

Me: what do you think I do for a living?

Fadz: well you can certainly stay at home and you would still get food on your plate it won’t make any difference.

Me: really now… you know I still work for a living right, any way what’s the harm in going to see your girlfriend during the day

Fadz: you mean during the working hours first of all my mom will catch you here one day second of all I am still helping people and third of all… how can I miss you when you are always here with me

Me: you want to miss me?

Fadz: no… I just don’t want you to bore me.

Me: is that a shade, tease, joke or what?

Fadz: none of the above, I just wish you would respect the fact this time I work… I mean you take me home every day and you pick me up every morning oh and we spend every lunch hour together and we talk until I fall asleep and we spend the weekends together. I want to work without any destruction.

Me: you are right… from now on I won’t trouble you at your work place.
I gave her kiss then turn back to the door just when her father enters. I stop there on my tracks and give him a smile. i don’t know why I tend to date all the girls who have strict fathers.

Me: Mr. Zanindi

Mr. Zanindi: what the hell are you doing here…? I thought my daughter worked for you on weekends

Me: actually I was here to see you.

Mr. Zanindi: me… why

Me: well your daughter has been praising your skills so much that we think it would be great if you came to work for Sindia express…

He was a bit stunned at my request and well, I was also a bit stunned at my own words, I had not planned this at all though I do think it would be great if I join hands with him. I began talking with him while at the counter and her daughter pretended not to listen to us. He was very happy with the proposition then I got a message from Fadz telling me that it was a bad idea, of course I don’t want her getting mad at me then I made some few twist to my proposition that his company would dissolve and he would just be a manager that’s when he turned down the proposition. After we parted ways I sent Fadz some flowers.


We had just finished moving into the house and I was exhausted. Of course mother in law was here to help as well as mother and Tracy, now we were sitting at the balcony having tea except Tracy who was sipping whisky in a coffee mug. The whole day I had seemed like the lazy one… I really couldn’t understand what they ate in the morning that gave them so much energy, I mean even my mom who is pregnant was doing so much better than me.

Mom: your home is wonderful

Mrs. Tyson: it is but I wonder if my dear Emily will have a proper childhood

Me: don’t worry mother in law… I will make sure that she gets the best of everything

Tracy: don’t spoil her

Me: I won’t even mind if I do spoil her, she is my child after all.

Mom: your feet are swollen.

Me: I noticed… and they are stiff I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me today.

Mrs. Tyson: you are lazy Trisha

Tracy: the lazy person here is me… I can’t wait until I get home then take a long bath before I sleep.

I slightly laugh as my mom and Mrs. Tyson turn to her with un-amusement. It has been a month of planning my whole house and now all that is left is moving in.

Tracy: so… when is the house warming party?

Me: I don’t want any party… sorry

Tracy: but you love parties

Mom: I am also surprised

Me: I am just not all for parties now, I think I will just do lunch for everyone this Saturday.

Mrs. Tyson: good choice Trisha

Tracy: I hope you are not turning out like your mother in law

Mrs. Tyson: Leonard is also planning on moving out… I don’t know what is wrong with tis kids

Tracy: (whispers) they are tired of your dominion.

Me: they probably want to be independent

Mrs. Tyson: you have no idea what independent means child

Mom: independent is hard

Mrs. Tyson: exactly.

She whispered in my ear and I rolled my eyes at her, there is no way I would turn out like mother in law she is totally boring.

After our day at the new house I spent the rest of the week at my mother’s place with Emily, I honestly needed some time away from henry because his sex drive this year is on overdrive. It’s as if he is drinking some boosters and even though I like it I can’t deal. She made a huge shopping list for a list of things she wanted in her room. Starting with a water bed, a long couch a, 60 inch TV and a complex stereo system and a recording studio.

Yes of course I told her that she will get those at sixteen because she is still a child.
The weekend arrived and I did the lunch as I promised it was also the final moving in day. All the guys were at the braai stand and all the ladies were in the kitchen. Zenzele had invited his new girlfriend and he chose to stay at the parking lot with her, Sam had broken up with her doll girlfriend and he had brought another one who claimed she was a model. She was dressed as messy as the last time I saw her. A male dungaree and a t-shirt under. Mother in law pretended not to notice her at all. My siblings were also here they decided to come and see where I live and Tlamelo was noisy as always. All the parents were out in the veranda around a table having some drinks

Emily: mommy… where is Aunt Stella?
Emily asked while I was alone at the balcony upstairs. I really felt that I wanted some time to rest from all the noise everyone was creating down stairs. I turned to Emily wondering how she managed to find me.

Me: who is Aunt Stella Baby?

Emily: your best friend

Me: you mean Tracy… she is at the kitchen.

Emily: no… not Tracy, Aunt Stella

Me: baby I haven’t heard of her.

Emily but dad said you are best friends.

Me: why would he say that… have you met Aunt Stella baby

Emily: yes… since the year started dad has been taking me to see her. Sometimes she can even come to pick me up at school, buy me ice cream and take me to dad. She is a really nice lady.

Me: what… really?

Emily: yes, so I was wondering why she is not here?

Me: uh… you know what go downstairs baby, I will call her.

She smiles at me then ran out and then her words started playing in my mind again.
Who the hell is Stella and why don’t I know about her?

I avoided thinking too much, I doubt Henry has a nerve of cheating on me and I am pretty sure he has a pretty good explanation for everything. I went back downstairs only to find Tlamelo and Fadz in a staring contest while Zenzele is talking to the phone.

Me: hey ladies… what’s up?

Tlamelo: nothing big sister

Me: why are you in a staring contest?

Fadz: she can’t take her eyes off my man

Tlamelo: (smiles) oh don’t worry Trisha, I am just messing with her

Fadz: do you think this is funny

Me: it’s not and I want Tlamelo to come with me.

I walked away and Tlamelo followed me, I just had to separate them because I think that my sister may have feelings for Zenzele.

Tlamelo: how the hell did Zenzele fall for her?

Me: I have no idea,

Tlamelo: I mean he did great choosing you but even if he is messed up because of losing a girl he loved, how did he fall for a girl with that kind of dressing.

I need to change the subject because I am not going to discuss Zenzele’s choices.

Me: so Tlamelo, how is everything at home.


Fadz: who is that pink girl?

Me: you mean Tlamelo… she is Trisha’s little sister

Fadz: have you guys ever dated

Me: you mean me and who?

Fadz: you and Miss pink over there

Me: no, no, no sweetheart… we haven’t dated not even once.

Fadz: oh good… wait is there anyone of your ex’s here

Ok what the hell is making her ask these questions?

Me: you want to know who are the people I have dated?
She nodded

Me: okay, just don’t over think things because I am totally over them.

Fadz: okay, I wont

Me: and my heart only belongs to you

Fadz: I know that

Me: ok, my first ex I have no idea where the hell she is, my second she is at jail the third is overseas my fourth is a mother of three children my fifth is still at school my sixth… I have no idea where she is, the seventh I also don’t know my eighth is….

Fadz: how many girls have you dated?

Me: I am not sure I think about eighteen, I lost count?

Her mouth dropped forming an o then she laughed.

Me: what’s amusing about what I said?

Fadz: eighteen Zenzele… I am sure you dint invest any feelings

Me: maybe… it just happened because I thought I liked them

Fadz: what’s your longest relationship?

Me: um… six years

She widens her eyes and stares without blinking.

Fadz: that’s awfully long. Was it with your first girlfriend?

Me: my last

Fadz: your last… did you love her?

Me: you are going to hurt yourself by asking these questions baby

Fadz: but I want to know

I haven’t said a lot but this conversation is draining the energy off me. I put my elbow on the table and leaned my head over my fist then looked at her.

Me: ok, yes I did love her she was my life.

Fadz: why didn’t it work out?

Me: long story, I will tell you another time

Fadz: who is she?

Me: I don’t want to tell you that

Fadz: why?

Me: because I don’t want you to know

Fadz: why?

Me: trust me, everything will be less complicated if you don’t know

Fadz: don’t give me that shit…

Me: babe… it’s better that way

Fadz: Eish Zenzele, you know sometimes you can be such a stubborn head just say it.

Trisha then came to our table with sparkling wine.

Trisha: hey guys… don’t you drink

Fadz: (snaps) no!

Trisha: oh… bad timing

Fadz: no, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you

Trisha: it’s okay… I was leaving anyway
They gave each other sweet apologetic smiles and I took from Trisha before she left. Fadz turned back at me.

Me: okay fine, promise me you won’t flip

Fadz: I won’t flip, it’s not like you dated the daughter of the president of United States

Me: (slight laugh) you are right, her name is…

I said and observed her reaction but her face remained blank

Fadz: who is Trisha?

Me: my sister in law

Fadz: your sister in law…? How many of your sister in law named Trisha do you have?

Me: I mean the lady you just spoke to

Fadz: you mean Mrs. Glitz and glamour

Me: what?

Fadz: you mean you once dated your brother’s wife…. Mrs. Perfect?

Me: in my defense… I found her first and why are you calling her Mrs. Glitz and glamour

Fadz: excuse me have you seen her… that girl is way too beautiful for her own good, everything about her is flawless, her smile her walk her sense of dressing her bedroom her attitude and behavior, even her voice is soft and sweet. She is perfect. I don’t think she ever makes mistakes.

Me: you think she is perfect…?

Fadz: I don’t think so, she is… I can’t believe you once dated her

Me: you are not mad right

Fadz: no I am not mad or worried because she is married.

She was lying to me and it was in plain black and white. I gave her a smile she bit her lower lip and looked away. I held her little chin and made her look back at me but she kept her eyes down

Me: hey… you are perfect in my eyes okay.
She raised her eyes to look at me then I gave her a kiss.

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