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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 76
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Nowadays the days are just way too long and I am always tired, I think it would be better if I just visit the doctor for a checkup, just in case there is something wrong with me. Everyone was back at their place and I was putting Emily to bed in her room.

Emily: mommy

Me: baby

Emily: are we going to stay here alone

Me: no my sweetheart… we are going to get you a nanny

Emily: I have never had a nanny before

Me: I know sweetheart but she will be very good and she will take good care of you

Emily: I once watched a movie and a nanny stole a child

Me: no one is going to steal you baby… I would fight to get you back.

Emily: no matter what?

Me: no matter what… hey do you love your room?

Emily: I love it so much… more than my old room.

Me: good now go to sleep

Emily: sing me a song, by Ciara

Me: okay baby…

Hush little baby
Don’t you cry?

Mama is gonna love you
All your life
And if you ever need a friend
Mama is right there to the friend you need
And if you are feeling down all week
Mama is gonna give you what a strength you need

There is nothing in this world that
I wouldn’t do for my little baby because I love you
By the time I was done she was fast asleep. I tucked her in and switched off the light on the way out. When I opened the door of my room I was surprised by rose petals that covered the floor all the way to the bed, it was a little bit dark with only the light from candles that filled the room. The room was filled with a sweet fragrance of strawberries and the sweet soft voice of Celin Dion filled the room at a very low volume… I am not a big fan so I couldn’t figure out what song it is but whatever it was it was relaxing. He appeared from the bathroom shirtless looking handsome and hot as ever.

Me: Mr. Tyson

Henry: Mrs. Tyson…

Me: when did you plan this?

Henry: don’t ask question please join me for a bath, I am pretty sure you are tired after this long day

Me: that is true

He took my hand and led me to the giant bathtub that was filled to the top with water and foam. He undressed me and got in the water then I sat before him in the bath tub. We sat there in silence as he gently massaged my back. What did I do to deserve such a husband?

Henry: baby, I go to your trials every time

Me: I know I always see you and you always wink at me

Henry: you are good

Me: thank you

Henry: I wonder why you don’t stand independent.

Me: as in open my own practice?

Henry: yes I think it would be great… you are a natural born leader and it feels so wrong for you to answer to anyone

Me: I don’t think that’s a good idea

Henry: you don’t necessarily have to stand independent… you can buy that company

Me: (laugh) very funny

Henry: I am not joking

Me: I am not buying that company henry

Henry: okay fine… your birthday is next month right

Me: yes…

Henry: I will buy it for you on your birthday

Me: henry… that is totally unnecessary

Henry: I know but I think it would be great

Me: yes you do…. I wonder what I have done to deserve you

Henry: it’s what you are… that’s why I love you

I smiled and blushed alone as he couldn’t see me then suddenly something sprung to my mind.

Henry: and I love it when you smile with the thought that I can’t see you
How did he know that…? I stopped smiling then leaned on his chest.

Me: I want you to be honest with me sweetheart

Henry: what happened?

Me: who is … Stella?

As soon as I said the name I felt his body tense beneath me. He took my hands and moved them across my tummy then he played with them.

Henry: why do you ask?

Me: Emily told me that you take her to see a lady called Stella and she has practically become part of her life.

Henry: oh…

I turned to look at him and his expression was unreadable. He pushed me back to my position.

Me: who is Stella Henry?

Henry: baby… this is going to hurt you big time.
His voice was croaky and I felt shivers up my spine…. Is he cheating on me or what?

Me: are you… cheating on me?

Henry: don’t be silly I would never do that
I felt a wave of relieve brushing through me

Me: Okay then, I guess it won’t hurt as much

Henry: just promise me you won’t leave me after I told you

Me: as long as you are not cheating I won’t leave you baby
I took his hand and kiss it moving up his arm.

Henry: Stella is Emily’s biological mother
Yeah right, I slightly laughed and began kissing his other hand

Me: are you joking

Henry: no… I am not baby

I stopped kissing him and looked at his face in confusion. I was trying by all means to avoid the fact that my heart was already racing.

Me: Emily’s mother

Henry: yes,

Me: it’s not funny Henry

Henry: it’s not meant to be… it’s the truth

Me: but… isn’t she dead?

He kept silent and I turned around with my body to face him he tried to push me back but I resisted and moved away from him.

Me: henry… you lied to me?

Henry: babe…

Me: you lied to me about such a huge thing, you and your family…. You lied to me?

Henry: babe, my family doesn’t know anything

Me: you lied to everyone why? Why would you lie… is this the reason why you didn’t want me to tell Emily that her mother is dead?

Henry: yes

Me: and you have been taking Emily secretly behind my back to meet her mother
I felt like busting into tears at that time and he nodded. I dipped my head under water until I suffocated my body started shaking but I was going to stay under there until my heart stop racing so much. Henry pulled me up to the surface. I don’t know why I did it, it just felt like the right thing to do at the moment

Henry: shit, Trisha don’t you do that again.
I wriggled off him.

Me: Just let me go
I took a few deep breaths and looked at him, with the way I was feeling it was hard to stop gasping for breath.

Me: have you and the mother been keeping touch
He kept quiet and his eyes fell

Me: damnit henry, just answer me

Henry: relax… calm down okay.

Me: I should relax…. I should calm down
My heart was getting heavy by the minute and I laughed trying to hold myself together. I looked at his blank face contemplating on whether to push his head under water so that he drowns or get out of the water. How dare he?

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