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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 77
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I had not imagined the first night in my new house like this, in fact I had not even thought about the first night in my house but I never thought I would be throwing things at my husband while he is at the other side of the bed. I had got out of the water before I did something I might regret. I took a towel and wrapped myself around it while I searched for jeans in the walk in closet. He came behind me and hugged me. When I tried to push him off he held me tight that was when I started fighting and soon I found myself throwing him with my shoes and clothes in the bed room.

Henry: Trisha, baby… can you please put that shoe down, someone could get hurt… I could get hurt

Me: and why should I care if you get hurt henry… tell me because it’s obvious that you don’t care if I get hurt?

Henry: it’s not like that baby…. I care it’s just that…

I threw the shoe at him and I missed him. The shoe hit the

Me: just shut up…. Leave me alone okay, I want to think.

Henry: okay

Me: I said leave…. Leave

He went out the room and in a matter of seconds I heard the sound of the car leaving the yard. I sat down on the floor by the bed and tears made their way out, I just couldn’t believe henry would keep such a big thing from me. I felt someone holding my hand. When I opened my eyes Emily stood before me and she sat on my laps. I held her close to me and tried to hold my tears but I just couldn’t.

Emily: mommy… why are you crying?

I couldn’t reply her and I couldn’t even bare to look her in face

Emily: did you have a fight with daddy

Me: baby

Emily: mommy

Her tiny hands hold my face and I looked at her. She wiped my tears and I held her hands and wiped my face.

Emily: you know mommy it doesn’t matter how much daddy can make you cry, I know that he loves you so much because he always tells me that. And it doesn’t matter that he makes you cry I will always be here to wipe your tears away and give you a smile, because I love you.

I looked up at the ceiling because her words were pouring tears to my eyes.

Emily: besides you know how man can be… right. They are hopeless.

I looked at her a little bit startled at her words then I smiled at her and she also laughed.

Emily: see, I told you that I will always be here to make you smile.

I kissed her forehead.

Me: oh Emily, you are something else.
She gave her sweetest smile and I hugged her again.

Me: you should me asleep by now, why did you wake up.

Emily: are you seriously asking me that question? I mean you were yelling so loud with dad…. How could I sleep.

I looked at her a little bit offended by her words but then she is a child and she is going to say whatever comes to her mind. I felt guilt creeping in. I carried her to her room.

Me: you are right… I was a bit loud, forgive me baby. Ok.

I tucked her in and sang for her again until she slept. I watched her sleep for a few minutes then came realization of how much I adored my little baby. Since her mother is alive what’s going to happen, will I have to give her up. I had gotten so used to the fact that she is my daughter. While I was still thinking about her a very disturbing thought came to my mind. Henry had told me that he will surely kill himself if he ever hurt me again, and he surely did hurt me and I got so furious that I told him to leave…

Panic kicked in, what if he decides to kill himself by doing a car accident? Or maybe drive over a cliff? What if he never returns? I shouldn’t have told him to leave
I stood up and ran to my room. I searched for the phone and found it in my jeans in the bath room. I dialed his number with trembling hands and the phone fell then went off. I felt like screaming at the moment. I searched switched it on and wanted the longest 2 minutes for it to reboot. As soon as it had kicked up I dialed the number and called him. He didn’t answer, I called him again and he still didn’t answer. I felt my heart getting heavy and tears gushed out he still didn’t answer this time I decided to leave him a voice message.

Me: henry… please answer my calls
My voice was shaking and I tried to call him again. He still didn’t answer after five missed calls I left him another voice message.

Me: henry, please answer my calls and come back home okay…. If you have not arrived after 10 minutes I am going out to find you.
I threw my phone on the bed then I sat down and tried to wait. After a few minutes I took my phone to check the time… only 2 minutes had passed and it felt like I had waited the whole 10 minutes.

I decided to go and get dressed. I put on my jeans and top then sleepers. Then I waited a few minutes when I checked the time, only five minutes had passed. I took a deep breath then went downstairs and took my car keys from the wall key holder. I sat on the couch and tried calling him, he still didn’t answer.

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