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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 78
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My mind was racing with possibilities of him not answering. Fist he cou8ld be in a car accident, second he could have killed himself, third he could have drove over cliff… which cliff? I don’t know maybe there is a cliff somewhere, what if he has a gun?
I quailed at my thoughts and tears came rushing again. I kept wiped my tears and took my phone then headed to the door, I wasn’t going to wait anymore I mean the moment that I am here waiting it could be the moments that something bad is happening to him.

I opened the door and he was standing outside.

What a relief…

Henry: I was just about to get in, where are you going?

Me: you are here?

I jumped up to him and hugged him, holding him tight and tears came down on a marathon. I was just so relieved that he is back home safe.

Henry: hey, what happened?

I kept on crying and he carried me to the couch. Once I stopped crying I slapped him. He looked at me with horror all over his face but I didn’t care. He made me worry so much.

Me: why did you leave so late in the night, do you have any idea how worried I was, huh… why didn’t you answer your phone and why didn’t you call me back, what if something had happened to you? What if you got in an accident? What if you had hurt yourself?

Henry: hey, hey, hey, I am back home safe right…

Me: why didn’t you answer your phone?

Henry: my phone is at the bedroom upstairs and it’s on silent.

Me: why did you leave your phone?

Henry: I forgot it… okay

Me: don’t you ever do that to me… ever again.

He wiped my tears away and hugged me. I closed my eyes and rested on his chest allowing my mind to calm down. Then I suddenly recalled that this man holding me in his arms just told me Emily’s mother is alive and he knew about it all along. I pulled back and looked at him with anger.

Me: henry

Henry: beautiful

The f--k… this man must not test my temper

Me: henry Tyson… why the f--k did you lie to me.

Henry: we are back to that

Me: what? Did you think it was over?

Henry: you changed so fast from you being so sad and frightened to you being angry
I hissed at him. Does he think that this is funny?

Me: you know henry, every mistake you do always goes back to our roots.

Henry: babe

Me: let me finish talking, it’s like maybe we did a grave mistake by getting married. It’s like we are based on lies… first you set Zenzie up, and then you lied to me about the mother of your child… Honestly I am starting to wonder what else you have been lying to me about.

Henry: honestly though baby… you have so scared a few minutes ago it’s not healthy for you to change your mood so fast, why don’t we deal with this tomorrow.

My mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe he was the one to say that.

Me: you know what… you’re right we will deal with this tomorrow.

I took the keys of the rooms and I stomped upstairs to our room and he followed me, I grabbed a blanket and threw it at him. Then I locked the spare bedroom upstairs and headed downstairs to lock the guest room.

Me: you are sleeping on the couch

Henry: you are being unreasonable right now

Me: of course I am, were you being reasonable when you chose to lie to everyone about Emily’s mother?

Henry: that was different.

Me: so is this.

Henry: you know mom would have never allowed this to happen

Me: too bad she isn’t here
I went upstairs and la!d down looking up then I saw my name in the ceiling written in monotype Corsiva and little red and white bulbs are lighting it up. It’s very beautiful. I turn to his wondering why he always had to act stupid. I held his pillow close to me then my stomach grumbles reminding me that I am very hungry even though i had a full lunch and full supper.

I took his pillow and went downstairs. I threw the pillow at him and went to open up the double doors of the fridge.

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