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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 82
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Mrs. Tyson: Emily told me that you and Henry had a fight last night… I didn’t know it was this bad.

Me: your son…

I paused and thought about what might happen if I tell her

Mrs. Tyson: you look so drained… tired

Me: it must be all the crying

Mrs. Tyson: you wanted to tell me about my son

Me: he must be here when I tell you
“Tell us Trisha… if he wanted to be present then he would have been present here at this time” Mr. Tyson voice startled me a bit I turned to look at the entrance and he looked concerned.

Me: well… he keeps secrets from me, I don’t know why he married me

Tears… I think I drink a lot of water

Mrs. Tyson: what happened?

Me: Emily’s mother… she is alive and henry knew and didn’t even bother to tell me
They all gasp in shock. Mrs. Tyson looks like he just saw a ghost and Mr. Tyson, even though he is trying not to show it he is completely stunned.

Mrs. Tyson: are… are… you sure?

Me: yes I met up with her today

Mrs. Tyson: Emily’s mother is alive?

Me: the worst thing about it is that he has been taking Emily out to see her mother for this whole month.

Mr. Tyson looks angry. He moves from the entrance dialing something into the phone. I look at Mrs. Tyson and she gives me an apologetic smile.

Mrs. Tyson: don’t worry dear, your father will take care of everything

My heart jumps as she says that then I realizes that she is talking about Mr. Tyson then I feel like crying all over again. I wish my father was here, in fact I wish I was with my mother… how come I decided Mrs. Tyson over my own mother… gosh I am frustrating myself way too much

Mrs. Tyson: have you had anything to eat?

Me: uh… only coffee

Mrs. Tyson: you should have something
After having soft porridge specially prepared by mother in law I head to my old bedroom and take rest. By the time I wake up it’s a little bit dark outside… I find Rena in the room by my side.

Me: Rena… what are you doing here?

Rena: mother wanted me to stay here with you.

Me: oh… what’s the time?

Rena: close to seven o clock
I slept that long?

Me: wow.

I stood up and went to the corridor, Rena left. There were visitors, elders but from where because as far as I know Mr. Tyson does not work with his family. Then I noticed two of Mrs. Tyson’s brothers and the uncle. They are the same people that came for my bride price. Did Mr. Tyson call them here for the situation? I went back inside and washed face. I looked at the mirror my eyes were swollen and red. I felt like my whole face had swollen but then I just came to the conclusion that it’s the results of sleeping for so long.
From what Mrs. Tyson told me when she visited my room. It seemed that all this elders are here for the situation but Stella has disappeared and they hired people to look for her. Now this makes me feel as if Henry may know about her where about so I quickly dialed up his number

Henry: Trisha…

Me: where is she?

Henry: I don’t know Trisha… I am also searching for her

Me: please henry don’t give me that… you have her number right

Henry: I tried calling her she won’t tell us her where about

Me: pull your strings and track her down

Henry: okay baby… but I need to know if you are coming home tonight

Me: I would rather spend the night at your mother’s place henry

Henry: do you want me there
I hang up on him, I kneeled down by the bed side and prayed… it was one of those rare tines when I actually remember that there is someone greater above us all, or at least mom used to tell me that. I have been married for six months, I have been a mother for six months and although my marriage didn’t start on a smooth flow I feel attached to this family.

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