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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 87
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Dad: you rebel against my teachings
The second slash was just below the first?

Dad: you make me a fool?

The third slash, i flinched and groaned, the pain of a whip is unbearable but I just sat down… if this is the results of what I did then deserve everything that’s coming.

Dad: that young girl you are hurting is someone’s daughter

I braced myself but this time there was no slash

Dad: honesty and loyalty… I taught you those values didn’t i…? I taught you that the worst mistake you can ever do is hurt her but you… you did worse than that… I can’t help but blame you for her father’s death now this…
From then on he started whipping like he was getting paid for it, I tried counting but I lost count after six when I couldn’t take it any more I stood up.

Me: dad please forgive me…

Dad: you think this is pain… this is nothing compared to what she is going through… and the worst is she will have to live your betrayal this throughout her life

I don’t know how or when but I felt a fist on my mouth.


Once I felt better from the urge of throwing up. I went downstairs and I was told that he was at his father’s study. I went up to the study and before I could open up… I heard his voice, it was shaking but he apologized again and again, I opened a little bit and peeked what I saw… I almost fainted. Mr. Tyson was beating henry up unbelievably holding him against the wall. I froze… on the door, I even forgot what I wanted to talk to him about. I know that this family is a bit twisted but I never imagined it was to this point.

Mrs. Tyson walked slowly with Rena towards me while she told her what to serve the elders for lunch. As soon as she saw me she hurried towards me.

Mrs. Tyson: Trisha…

She opened the door to the study

Mrs. Tyson: God gracious…. What are you doing top my son, stop it… stop it, you will kill him
She stormed inside. My legs were wobbly I slid down to the floor feeling suffocated as ever and closed my eyes then slowly drifted into darkness.

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