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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 90
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Uncle Thapelo: we have come to a solution
He looked at all of us everyone was around the table and mom was sitting next to me. Dad was sitting across me and I felt nothing but anger towards him. I couldn’t really make out his feelings his face showed no emotions at all. Stella was sitting at the far corner of the table.

Uncle Thapelo: we have decided that Henry should take Stella as his wife
Oh dear…

Mom: (yells) what! Thapelo are you crazy… henry has a wife

Uncle Thapelo: sister, it’s not against the law to marry a second wife

Mom: it’s illegal under my house… henry is not doing such a thing I will not allow it

Uncle Thapelo: well what do you suggest we do?

Mom: I suggest you come up with a better solution. Trisha is pregnant she doesn’t need any more stress.

Dad: henry… what do you want to do

Me: I will ask Trisha

Mom puts her hand on my shoulder and I flinch because my whole body is sore I feel like I have been ran over by a train. Dad really did a number on me and right now I feel like getting to bed and resting until my body has healed. I wonder what thinking when he gave me a beating. ,y mind drifts to Trisha. If she was here I am pretty sure she would have fainted again after listening to the uncle’s solution.

I felt my heart swell inside… I don’t know why I always seem to hurt her with every chance that I get. I love her… I really do but I never seem to do anything right. Maybe I shouldn’t have married her… maybe I should ha let her divorce me when she hated me… I am pretty sure she hates me a lot right now but she is pregnant with my children. Well if she wants to call it off this time I don’t know what I would do because I don’t want my children growing without their father, I took a deep breath and my phone startles me from my thoughts. It’s Chloe.

Me: Chloe… is everything alright

Chloe: Trisha is awake and she wants to talk to you

Me: hold on, is she okay

Chloe: well she looks fine physically but the doctor said her blood pressure is low. But mentally… henry I think you may have a problem.

Me: what happened?

Chloe: she doesn’t want to believe that she is pregnant.

Me: okay give her the phone
After a moment I hear her soft voice

Trisha: henry

Me: Trisha

Trisha: are you okay

Me: yes and you

Trisha: I am fine… I thought you would be here

Me: I am sorry I am not there
Silence falls on us and I can’t help but wonder how she feels about me. I want to raise the topic of her pregnancy but I am afraid it would be a wrong step. She finally talks

Trisha: I am being released

Me: that’s good

Trisha: yes it is. We will talk when I get home

Me: okay

Trisha: henry

Me: Trisha

Trisha: I love you

It’s as if she just kicked me on the heart with those three words I don’t deserve her love at all. She hangs up and I put the phone down.

Stella: I am fed up with this drama
She stood up.

Mom: excuse me

Stella: I am not up for this family drama… I am going home. You can keep my baby

Dad: I thought you wanted her

Stella: it’s okay… you know what. My child doesn’t need any kind of confusion right now so I am leaving

Dad: young lady where is your mother

Stella: don’t know don’t care
I stood up leaving them arguing and dad calling falling after me. I went straight to bed and got under the blankets. Dad entered after a few minutes and I pulled the sheets over my head but that didn’t stop him from talking.

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