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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 92
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Me: why do you have so many secrets henry…?

Henry: maybe I thought the less you know the happier you will know

Me: what have you been keeping from me?

Henry: this could ruin our marriage

Me: yes… I want to know

I locked my eyes with his and he gave me a deep passionate kiss

Henry: I understand if you want to live after this

Me: say it please

Henry: before I dated you I once dated someone close to you

Me: who?

Henry: Tracy

Tracy! The f--k! You once dated Tracy? I felt bile build up in my chest

I immediately recalled Tracy’s story.

Me: oh God… did she know about Stella

Henry: yes
I made to the toilet in time to let all my breakfast out through my mouth. I don’t even know when I stood up. I slipped down to the floor and closed my eyes. I thought of the worst news he could actually give me but this… this is disgusting. I returned to him.

Henry: are you okay

Me: yes

My voice was a little brash

Me: why

Henry: I was never into her in the first place and she noticed that I was more onto you that’s when she called it quits

Me: why didn’t you tell me?

Henry: I don’t know

I gave him some Advil

Me: you are right

Henry: about what

Trisha: I need some space from everything

Henry: I won’t oppose to you

Trisha: I want us to separate for some time.

Henry: take as much time as you want and take care of my children.

He can’t possibly be thinking that am pregnant, I stood up and took my jacket and bag

Me: please take care of yourself

Henry: I promise you I will

Me: and see the doctor to address those wounds in your body

Henry: I will

Me: one more thing, let Emily know who Stella really is

Henry: you are okay with that

Me: yes, I have no right to deny Emily her mother

Henry: then I definitely will

Me: bye

Henry: bye

I walked outside and closed the door. I was sure that I had grip of myself I ran downstairs to the living room. As I looked at Mr. Tyson I felt fear creep up my mind, I won’t ever want to get on his bad side.

Me: mother, father I am going to my place

Mrs. Tyson: are you alright dear

Me: I am better than yesterday, I am sorry I won’t ever bother you with my issues

Mr. Tyson: no, you are going to report everything okay

I cringed at his tone and quickly agreed

Mrs. Tyson: go well my dear

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