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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 96
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Fadz: so you just left your child there

Stella: there was nothing I could do Fadz

Fadz: you mean literally nothing you couldn’t fight

Stella: you know what Fadz… they can take care of Emily better than I ever could… you know Henry called and said I could see Emily twice a week.

Fadz: honestly I don’t know what to say to you

Stella: you know Fadz I didn’t call to meet you because I want to discuss my issues this meeting is about you and this guy here
He looked at me. I returned a smile and she frowned. Since she arrived here they have been talking about Stella and I have been quite the whole time

Fadz: okay

Stella: babe… you do know how your last relationship with an older man turned out

Me: I am not that guy Stella

Stella: I don’t care you seem like those kinds of guys and the fact is I don’t like you as well as your family.

Fadz: but Stella… this one is different

Stella: let me tell you a secret sister… All boys are different, no one is like another

Me: you know it’s not fair to judge a person you don’t know

Stella: I know you and your family Zenzele I used to work for your company remember

Me: was I there when you worked for my company Stella… Try to recall

Stella: look, I don’t keep record of what I see okay.

Me: exactly Stella… why don’t you want me to date your sister

Stella: I don’t want you to break her heart…

Me: okay who is it that you are going to allow to date your sister

Stella: someone her age and who is not from the Tyson’s

Me: first of all I don’t want to believe that I am that much older for your sister and second of all I won’t leave your sister just because you don’t like my family okay… you had your issues with them they don’t involve me or Fadz… and if I marry her they won’t even know that you are related to her because you have separated yourself from your family.

She turned to Fadz

Stella: you have to be kidding me Fadz… are you really falling for this kind of guy

Fadz: well… I love him

I turned to look at her she never confessed this in front of me even though I know that she liked me. I gave her a smile of appreciation and held her hand

Stella: oh my God Fadz

Me: Stella I love your sister

Stella: I cannot believe this… can I have a moment alone with my sister

Me: sure
I left them and went to my car. After half an hour Stella left the restaurant and Fadz came to me

Me: hey, are you okay

Fadz: Stella is convinced that you are going to leave me one day

Me: do you believe that?

She took a deep breath and shrugged. I gave her a kiss and hugged her

Me: I will never leave you okay and I am quite sure that I will never leave you baby.

Fadz: what if one day you wake up and you don’t love me anymore

Me: baby… I love you and that is not possible okay… I don’t have any mental disorders.
She sniffled a laugh and I kissed her again.

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