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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 97
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Since I had separated with Henry, I feel like I have nothing to really wake up to. I am always buried in my work and if I am not working I am sleeping. It has been a week and I wonder if I should call Tracy or not but I always decide otherwise I don’t want to hurt myself.
Henry on the other hand keeps on sending me flowers and when I miss lunch I just receive take away with a message from Henry that I shouldn’t skip lunch… sometimes I feel as if he follows me around

“Hey” a male voice brought me back to reality. I glanced up and looked up at this well build man standing before me but truth be told Henry is much better than him. He gave me a warm smile and I returned the smile which was more like a frown. I had totally forgotten that I was in a coffee shop.
Him: mind if I sit or are you waiting for someone

Me: no its okay, I am about to leave anyway.

Him: oh, my name is Andile

Me: okay

He sat across me and his coffee arrived. He kept his eyes right up to my face and I felt so uncomfortable.

Andile: you are a really beautiful lady

Me: thanks

Andile: you didn’t tell me your name

Me: Trisha

Andile: your name suits you… it’s a beautiful name Trisha

Oh jeez, this guy is flirting with me. I placed my left hand on the dinner table and played with my huge wedding ring…. Just to tell him to hold his horses. He frowned a little then brought back his smile.

Andile: you are married?

Me: yes, I am

Andile: lucky man

Me: yes… he is

Andile: why are you alone in coffee shop?
Oh jeez… it’s none of your business

Me: you know what… I should go home my husband is probably getting worried sick about my whereabouts.

I stood up and went out to the parking lot. Only to be surprised by a tire punch. this is very weird because these tires are brand new. I tried to find my phone my phone to call someone for help but I couldn’t find it. I took a deep breath, my life is becoming a frustration every day. I leaned on the car and I saw Andile coming over to me.

Andile: I believe you forgot this phone at the coffee shop

Me: oh… thank you
I frowned wondering how I forgot my phone in a restaurant I looked at him and he threw his warm smile.

Me: please let me not keep you, you can go
Andile: you have a tire punch… and you want me to leave you all alone

I am not your responsibility
Me: don’t worry I will manage, I will call for help
Andile: let me keep you company until your help arrives

I was just about to protest when I saw Henry from a mile away coming towards us looking super-hot in a suit. I just froze and blushed staring at him. He really is looking after himself. Andile looked at the direction I was looking at.

Andile: hey Trisha… I thought you were married

I looked at him and frowned, this guy is a nuisance doesn’t he have a girlfriend.

Me: I am

Andile: then why are you checking that guy out
I almost blurted out in laughter. By then Henry stopped by my side and gave me a very deep passionate kiss for quite some time, I even forgot that we were in the parking lot. I braced myself by putting my hands over his muscled chest. When he finally let go of me I stumbled backwards and felt blood rushing to my cheeks.

Henry: baby… what are you doing here all alone

Seriously I am still dumbstruck… what is he doing here

Me: i… i…

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