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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 98
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I stammered and at that moment he saved me from talking by giving me a brief kiss. He turned to Andile who I was quite sure was embarrassed as hell and offered him a shake.

Henry: sir

Andile: I suppose you are the husband

Henry: right and you are

Andile: Andile… I met your wife in the coffee shop

Henry: uh… coffee, since my wife got pregnant she just can’t get enough of coffee
The F--k!!

He placed his hand over my tummy looking straight at Andile

Andile: oh… congratulations, I guess I better go now
Henry smiled and nodded at him. I wanted to laugh so bad but I held myself. After Andile disappeared I gave Henry a brief kiss I had never been so glad to see him.

Henry: hey

Me: hi… what are doing here?

Henry: I just thought of having coffee then I saw you and that little brat. I didn’t like the view.

Me: you did well by saving me but can you please get this idea that I am pregnant out of your head… I am not
He let go of me.

Henry: baby… weather you like it or not you are pregnant and you are getting bigger by the day.

I bit my tongue I wanted to give a slap at that moment but I felt as if he might be telling the truth.

Henry: and baby… you should reduce the amount of coffee you drink… it’s not healthy.

Me: you don’t know how much I drink coffee Henry

Henry: don’t be too sure… and one last thing. Please do not consume any alcohol. I want my babies fit and healthy…

Me: I am not pregnant

Henry: you are… you should go see the doctor she called me and told me that you missed her appointment

Me: you know what Henry… you should stay far away from me. we are in separation

I tried to go but he held my hand and pinned me against the car

Henry: babe, you are pregnant and with my children for that matter so even though I am away I will be keeping watch.

I swallowed hard. For some time there I wanted to cry because I don’t want to be pregnant. He let me go and gave me the keys of his x3.

Henry: drive safely… I will take care of your porsh.

He kissed my forehead and he left. I took a deep breath and walked over to his car. I wonder why Henry has to be such an ass.
When I arrived at my house the next day after work. I was surprised to find Stella and Emily at my door step. When was the last time I saw Emily… last week.

The minute I got off the car she came running over to me and jumped to me.

Emily: mommy…

Me: Emily… my dear, what happened
I kissed her forehead and she tightened her little arms around my neck. I got inside the house with them.

Emily: mommy…

She started crying. I looked at Stella wondering why they appeared at my door step suddenly.

Me: no… don’t cry baby… tell me what happened… Stella what happened?

Stella: I don’t know, when I picked her up from school today she just cried causing a tantrum and demanded to come here.

Me: Emily… tells mommy what happened?

Emily: you are going to leave me

Me: what!!

Emily: you are going to leave me again like you did when I was only a baby
I felt my heart swell… I hugged her tighter

Me: no Emily… that’s not true okay, I won’t ever leave you why do you say that?

She wiped her tears

Emily: well first… you have left dad… you never call me or dad… and one day I heard dad telling granddad that you might not come back
I gasped. I didn’t know what to tell her it’s obvious that Henry didn’t tell her who her real mother is, I looked at her and kissed her forehead.

Me: I am not going to leave you alone okay… now go upstairs and change into something you like I will make you something to eat.
She kissed my cheek and ran upstairs. I turned to Stella.

Me: you and Henry… you haven’t told her anything.

Stella: no… I thought she isn’t supposed to know who I really am

Me: Stella… you are her mother, I think she has a right to know… I told Henry that she should know the truth.

She gasped but kept silent. I stood up and went to the kitchen.

Me: there is no one who has a right to keep you from your child Stella… I just don’t know why you had to plot lies with Henry…
I started making a sandwich for Emily

Me: so it’s now or never, we are going to tell her now

Stella: you want to tell her Emily that you are not mother

Me: Stella, when I arrived into Emily’s life she thought I was really her mother she accepted me with open arms and her tiny little mind has been programmed as to who is her mother this will bring in a little confusion to her but now only Emily will decide if I am still her mother

Stella: oh… but do you think she will ask me why I left her

Me: she asked me that question, why wouldn’t she ask you

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