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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 99
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Me: she asked me that question, why wouldn’t she ask you

Stella: I thought you hated me… now you are doing all this for me
I frowned at her statement… what does she want me to say, luckily Emily came running downstairs in a blue dress.

Stella: wont Henry be angry

Me: I don’t care

Stella: but it’s his child too

Me: all he managed to do is confuse the child… but if it bothers you so much I will send him a text

Stella: what about his family… they despise me
I put the sandwich down and gave her a stare…

Me: please tell me if you don’t want this to happen… I won’t force you to do it

Stella: No, no, no, it’s okay
She looked at me with so much excitement that I saw a sparkle in her eyes then suddenly she looked at Emily who was staring at both of us and it seemed as if the word nervous was stamped on her forehead. I quickly sent Henry a message. Then I took Emily and put her on a kitchen stool next to Stella and I gave her sandwich. I sat across her and thought about hall her possible reactions. She can freak… she can get confused or she can just accept Stella.

Me: baby… do you know what a step mother is?

Emily: yes… they are evil ladies who claim to be mothers of children just to separate them from their fathers
What the…

Me: no baby step mothers are not evil… have I separated you from your father
She stopped eating and looked at me

Emily: you are not my step mother silly… you are my real mother

Me: what if I told you that I am your step mother

She tilted her head to one side as if regarding what I am saying then took a sip from her drink.

Emily: you would be the best step mother in the whole wide world.

She continued eating. I took a deep breath and smiled at her

Me: you are the best step daughter in the whole wide world
She spit her food and looked at me

Emily: what do you mean…?

Me: that I am your step mom

Emily: you mean that you are not my real mommy

Me: … yes but I love you the way a real mommy would love her real daughter

Emily: who is my real mommy then?
I looked at Emily then at Stella then back at Emily

Me: Aunty Stella is your real mother

Stella: hello

She looked at Stella then looked at me

Emily: mommy? Are you serious that you are my step mommy?

Me: yes baby

She stared at me with so much shock in her eyes then looked at Stella.

Emily: are you really my real mom

Stella: yes baby

Emily: my mom who left me when I was a baby

Stella: oh baby…

Emily: why did you leave… where did you go?

Stella: I went to prison

The f--k…. Does she want to scare her away?

Me: what?

Emily: prison…

Emily widened her eyes and out of nowhere she let out a scream that startled both of us.

Stella: Ssshhh… why are you crying
She tried to hug her but Emily got on top of the table counter and crawled towards me crying. I have never seen her crying like this. Why the hell did she have to child that she went to prison? I took her in my arms and calmed her down

Emily: I don’t want her to be my real mom… I want you

Me: but baby she is your real mom

Emily: but she is bad

Me: no she is not…

Emily: but she went to prison

Me: but she is not bad
Emily stopped crying. I looked at Stella and she had paled in just a second.

Me: your mom is a super hero… do you know what she did… she stopped a very bad man from destroying the world and you know the police misunderstood her and locked her up in prison.

Emily: a super Hero

Me: yes

Emily: you mean…. Like superman?

Me: yes

I wiped away her tears and she laughed, I wonder how she can change her moods in a second.

Emily: you know mom I may be young but I am not stupid… super heroes are not real they are just imaginations

Me: you know what my little princess you are too clever for your age but let me tell you if super heroes are not real then your mom didn’t go to prison.

Emily: really

Me: yes… so why don’t you go to mommy Stella and talk with her.

I gave her to Stella and Stella murmured thank you to me.

Stella: it’s getting pretty late and I think I should you drop at your father’s place.

Emily: can you fly

Stella: no but I can drive
Stella walked away with her and Emily waved her hand at me. as soon as they were gone I sat on the couch and took a deep breath,
Later that night I received a call from Henry

Henry: hi

Me: hey

Henry: how are you?

Me: fine

Henry: you told Emily

Me: yes

Henry: thank you

Me: for what?

Henry: I didn’t know how to approach her

Me: it’s okay

Henry: she asked mother why I never married Stella

Me: oh… what she say?

Henry: she freaked
I couldn’t help myself from laughing. This little girl is another story

Henry: sleep well now

Me: you too
How did my life get this complicated?

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