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Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Ehi sat down by the window thinking about everything that had happened in the past two weeks. She was still in denial and prayed every day that she would wake up and it was just a dream.

At the funeral last week, she couldn’t hold back the tears, she has tried her best to look strong for the kids but she couldn’t control herself. Even though it had been a private ceremony, somehow the media had gotten their hands of photos and the one being shared the most was when she and Christian were crying in each others arms.

She still found it hard to believe Mani was gone. She kept thinking about their last conversation they had. She still remember the proud look on Mani’s face as she went on stage. She kept remembering on how they met. All their trails, all the hurts and celebrations they had shared.

She wished she had stayed back after the show that day. Maybe she would have been the one driving, maybe she could have talked some sense into her head and she wouldn’t have been so high. If only she had just stayed back for a few more minutes then her best friend would still be alive.

After the show that night, Mani and Christian had gone to a nightclub to celebrate. Mystery joined them at the club later. Christian left them early because he had a morning shoot the next day. According to eye witness, Mani and Mystery started snorting cocaine and drinking alcohol and partying with strangers. At some point Mani used the restroom and when she returned, she found Mystery making out with some random girl at the club. And all hell broke, because she started trashing the place and was fighting the girl. She even broke a bottle on the girl’s head and it was at that point that security intervened and chased them all out. Mani and Mystery had gotten into his car and from videos that were gotten from that day, you could still see them arguing as they drove away. No one knows for sure what happened but they had a head on collision with a truck being driven by some drunk underage high school kids and they all died on the spot.

They had been five high school students consisting of three boys and two girls in the truck and they were all seventeen years old. Apparently they had been returning from a party that was thrown by another of their classmate who’s parents was out of town.
On one hand, people were mourning the kids and on the other was Mani and Mystery.

Even the twins took it hard when they heard about Mani’s death. As twelve years old now, they had tried to play it off that they weren’t that much affected but Ehi found them at odd times of the day holding either toys or gifts Mani had bought for them over the years. She had been the only aunt they had known all their life.

Ochi’s case was worse. It had taking her a while to actually believe that this new family she had found will be here forever but with Mani’s demise, she had gone back into her shell. When she had turned sixteen sorry months earlier, Mani had gotten a Range Rover even when Ehi had kicked against it because she felt Ochi was too young for such an expensive car. Mani and Ochi had a weird bond that no one could understand. Maybe because they share similar backgrounds or something.

Ever since her death, Ochi used any of Ehi’s cars to school instead of the Range Rover. Ehi was scared of her behind the wheels especially at the state she was in but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything because she didn’t want to frighten the poor girl anymore.
Cicero had stepped in during this trying period. Over the past few months their relationship has grown and he was even living with her. He had earlier asked to traded to a team in New York. They were back to how they used to be as teenagers. He currently watched over the affairs of the children because frankly speaking Ehi wasn’t in the right space of mind to care for anyone.

She knew she had to snap out of it and move on with her life because she knew if Mani was here, she wouldn’t want to see her like this.
She lost interest for everything and most times just wanted to be left alone.

She noticed that the people around her were walking on tip toes around her and we’re all trying to put on a brave face for her.
After much consideration, she decided to quit modelling because she knew there was no way she would ever walk on a runway the same. She knew it was a rash decision but she knew it was for the best.

She invited Trish for dinner that night and shared the news to her and the family as they ate. They all told her to take more time to think about it but she insisted that she had made up her mind and nothing could change it.


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