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Fire God Of The Fire Island
 - Season 1 - Episode 67
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“Hey there, beautiful”.[/b] The familiar drawl brought a smile to Kate’s face and she opened her eyes. She expected Loki to be standing next to her, but instead found him perched on the railing of the balcony, much like the first time he broke into her room, face to face.

“You don’t have to scale the wall to get into my room anymore Loki”,
Kate said playfully as she stepped back, allowing Loki to vault over the stone railing to stand in front of her. The very second Loki’s feet touched the floor, he pulled Kate into his arms, placing a kiss on her lips.

“Why aren’t you joining the party?”
Loki asked her, a slightly disapproving tone in his voice.

Kate wrapped her arms around him and rested her cheek against his chest. “I am just thinking”.

Loki made a noise of understanding. “About the future, hm?”

“Yeah. So much has happened, and so much needs to be done”,
Kate murmured, sinking completely in Loki’s arms, nuzzling her head under Loki’s chin. “But I’m so greatful that I can be a part of it”.

“There’s more to come, you know?”


“Abundance is on the way”,
Loki stated matter of a fact. “The universe loves a greatful heart and rewards gratitude with more abundance”.
What an exciting thought.

“I’m glad to be alive”,
Kate whispered, truly happy and content.

“So is everyone else, Kate”, Loki said to her. “You are more loved than you could possibly ever imagine”.

And it felt so good.

Staying in Loki’s arms, Kate glanced over the side of the balcony to find Laura waving her arms in the air. She was surrounded by people young and old, enjoying the festival. “Come and join us!”

“Sounds like a good idea”,
Loki mused aloud. “Looks like some dancing is going on. Hey, we should show them how to really dance!”
Kate had no chance to respond before Loki moved away, only to snare her by his hand and literally drag her toward the festival. Kate rolled her eyes, but allowed the immortal man to pull her along.

Making their way through the bustling crowds, Loki’s hand strong and true around her, Kate smiled and nodded her head in greeting to everyone around her. With a strong tug on her hand, Kate was back in Loki’s arms, who then guided her through a powerful and passionate Fire Dance.

And Kate let herself become lost in the movements. Her thoughts drifted over the past, how she had been living before she knew Loki. Her life drastically changed the very moment she met Loki. Through him she learnt how to live, what it meant to be happy, to be peaceful.

And there was so much more to life she was yet to experience.

Suddenly, Loki swept Kate off her feet and into his arms, effortlessly holding her off the ground. And Kate simply laughed and look into Loki’s eyes with a warm smile on her lips. She ignored the giggles and chuckles of those around her, unconcerned that there were so many eyes upon her. She slipped a hand behind Loki’s neck, pulling his face close to hers. And they kissed, deeply and passionately, in a sea of smiling faces as they danced and had fun.

This was the way the Fire Island was supposed to be; like the flames of which they cherished. Warm, bright, fun and playful. It was how life was meant to be even in the darkest of nights, a light of a single candle can guide you, illuminating your path. Your darkest hour lasts for only 60 minutes, and when you step back into the light, you know that you are truly alive.

Life moves on, it never stops.

Forever turning, forever burning.

Just like the eternal Flame of your Soul.


Somewhere so far away, Kira journeyed to the cave of Death, where it all began. Reaching the mouth of the cave, she knocked once on an invisible door and walk in, candle lights where illuminating a room she walked in, a man with a hood covering his face was in the middle of the room, it appeared as if he was waiting for her.

“You promise me powers, powers that were taken away from me. I was disgraced in my kingdom, I have come here to know why it happened. Why did you failed to keep your own word?”.
Kira immediately shouted at the man.

“There are things which you don’t know of. The Fire God may have taken your Fire away, but I will give you back your Fire Magic. On one condition”. The hooded man said.

“And which is?”

“I want the Fire God and you can have the People of the Island to yourself again”.
He told her.

“I have been working for you since, and I still don’t know who you are or your name, and you expect me to believe what you just said, you must be an idiot”.

The hooded man smiled darkly, “Well, my name is Lucas”, he said and removed his hood, green hairs fall off passing his shoulders, his eyes blue. Kira eyes widen, standing in front of her was someone who looks like Loki, “Just like you, I was banished to the Cave of Death by my twin brother. So you see why I want my revenge. He won’t know what hits him when I strike”.

Two golden eyes appeared and closed. Loki smiled when he opened his eyes….

The End.

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