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Forbidden Passion - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I feel like this dude is monitoring me..he seems eeverywhere near me and completely stare at me in a way that makes me feels very uncomfortable…

“I think you should stay outta trouble little one !”said Mr eldest sister alma…alma wasn’t lucky in relationships so she never bothered in falling for any man ..all she cared about was work…same as amira the model in the house…I really don’t get why none of the women in our house never fall in love tho…
“I do stay outta trouble sis but that guy really pissed me off ..”I said angrily referring to alvin. Amira cuts in “the one who saved your life last night …right ?”…”shhhhhh mom musnt know about this “i whispered to amira loud voice …”just be careful spoilt brat …”alma playfully tapped my head as she headed to work…so as Amira. .n I was left all alone at home again ….

Alvin still on his bed ..rolling from one length to the other as Nana vita their maid [email protected] the door ….,

“Cmon in ..!”Alvin said as he adjusted his already shifted blankets..
“Mr Martinez. have a …”

And before Alvin finished the statement ..a young lady dressed in the most sexiest tight short dress barged in…it was veronica” my love ..good morning..”she gave Alvin a very forceful warm kiss as Alvin gradually opened his sleepy eyes. ..she looked back at the old maid with disgusts “can’t you see I and my husband are making out here or are you blind ?”she shouted really rude at the old maid as the maid quickly left the room in nervousness….Alvin stood up from the bed trying to reach for his towel ..he didn’t even pay attention to veronica “My love….”she said moving a bit closer and now I had her time “why are you here so early ?”…I asked …with the way I looked at her..she knew I wasn’t joking at all ,,”huh…my love..I just came to discuss about the engagement preparation with your mother ..”she stammered slowly” so …you also know about this ?”

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