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Forbidden Passion - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I came out of the bathroom only to find Alvin standing beside the door smiling at me…I tried to ignore him but he blocks my way …”what do you want from me…can’t u jst stop pestering me ?”I said very angrily ..

“And when I told you to come with me to the caFe refused and now you are here with your friend ..”

“So…she’s my friend are not !”
Alvin moved closer as he grabs two arms tightly. …..I couldn’t look him in the eyes but he gazed at me ….

“Hey…Amelia…I don’t know what’s wrong with me. ..I just like you so much are very beautiful. ..yeah any guy will Fall madly in love with you…I can’t hide it any longer…but since you don’t even wanna look at me…I won’t ever bother you again ..”Alvin words sounded so real and
passionate…I kept mute till he let go off my hands and exited …

Through out that day…I couldn’t stop thinkin about Alvin ….he’s so pure and natural despite the fact that he’s from a rich home..”.hmmmm ”

“Something wrong ?”my mom asked standing beside my room door …
“Nothin “I said folding my hands together …staring at my mom…

“So…why are you still up dear ?you lost in thoughts ?”she now took a sit beside me on my bed …

“Yeah mom…”I smiled …my mind was actually somewhere else…thinkin of Alvin words …as my mom tapped me
“So who is the lucky guy huh ?”
Shocked to hear my mom say such ..
As I tried to ignore her question..

“Have u taken your drugs ?” I try to fade the question….

“I asked a question dearie. ..are you seeing someone? “My mom asked again
“No mom ..”

“Is there someone you like ?..I want you to be very opened to me darling your mother ..say somethin ”

“I…..I…don’t know …I just like him but I try really hard not to show it ..”

“Who ?”
“Alvin Martinez ”

The surname of Alvin rang in Martha ‘s ear …”did you just say Martinez ?”
“Yeah…somethin wrong?”

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