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Forbidden Passion - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Seriously now…who does he think he is….
“Hey …you did this to my dress and you think you can just go Scott free…?”I yelled back at him..

“He would have done more than that you silly nerd “the young lady with the weird make up added standing beside the young guy…and just then the students gathered …the young lady voice actually added crowd to the place…I was so upset now…and I wouldn’t dare back off..”you better shut your fu-Ckin p---y mouth off before I pounce on you !” I raised my hands in the air about to slap the young lady as the young guy held my hands back …”don’t you even dare !”

“Wait…who do you think you are that you are messing with me…you splashed dirty waters on my body…the least you could just say is sorry …but no…you just can’t ..”I was already upset from home and dis added to it..and just then I heard am sorry fRom the young guy…I was shocked…did he just say he’s sorry….!

“Am very sorry…miss…I didn’t mean to !”…by then there was noting left for me to say…he already apologized what more …I left quietly overhearing his girl friend tellin him why he apologized to a girl like me…

“I just had to not like I want to any way baby…please don’t be upset …”the young guy named Alvin said ..

“My dad must hear of this .”the young lady Veronica said out loud…From the looks of it…they looked very influential..hope I haven’t messed with the wrong people I said in my mind..not sure they are students of the school…am sure they are done with college by now but they still look younger …I walked straight to my class with the thought of resting before our lecturer hopped in with a welcome test…jeez…this is indeed a bad day for me..I wasn’t even prepared yet…!

“Dad…I won’t allow such insult from a meaningless common student “her voice was at the top of her father Mr Dantes told one of the lab guy to send for me….

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