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Forbidden Passion - Season 1 - Episode 5
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I walked into the office of Mr dantes silently and I was given two weeks suspension…even though I did nothing wrong..what kept bothering me is why on earth Alvin was trying to defend me…I don’t just get ..he kept staring at me through out till I grabbed my bag and left the school in annoyance…as I was about leaving I heard a familiar voice “wait!”I turner back and it was Sophie my friend ..

“Girl so sorry for these “she said tapping my shoulder …

“Its not a big deal..but please update me in all that happened in school for two weeks…”I said with a low tone…

“Sure girl friend !” Just then Alvin joined us…

“Miss Amelia…!”
“What are you doing here ?”I asked with a frowned face…”haven’t you and your fiancee caused more troubles for me ?”..”hey hear him out …”Sophie added ..!”I ll just excuse u both !”…”sop…h” before I knew it she left as I turned to face the handsome guy …who couldn’t stop staring at me …I tapped him hard on his chest “what is it now ?why are you staring at me like you ve seen a ghost ..!..why are you here any way ?”…”I…I..jus..t ..

He didn’t finish the statement before veronica bumped in to the conversation and dragged him along with her as she hissed very long …ohh I just wish I could slap her brain outta her head but I just can’t..jeez …Getting home with all the troubles …my mom also added saying I shouldn’t have fought with the owner of the school so I just decided to leave home and go ve fun in my friend ‘s sophie house …

” I don’t want to get married now…can’t you just get it ?”Alvin yelled out back at his mother ..Candella. ..

“Whether you like it or not are getting married to veronica. ..nothing can change that …because I already announced the engagement date ”

“What…mom..!why …how. ..when…?”
“It doesn’t matter my son…all I know is that you are getting married to vero so you better get prepared for that …”

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