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Forbidden Passion - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Candella slammed the door exiting Alvin ‘s room ..he couldn’t even argue with his mother ..he had absolutely no option ..but to take his mother ‘s advice because he loves his mom so much .!he la!d on the bed calmly as he went into deep thought thinkin about Amelia’ s words…why can’t I just get this girl outta my head…he said to himself his phone rang …oh it’s his friend Christian ..

“Watsup buddy !”his friend said,
“Am good…and tired …as well “I answered …”oh so ..where are you ?”…”at home .”I replied ..”what !c’mon ..come have some fun in our usual spot ”
“Ohh I have a lot goin through my head Chris. ..but I ll try to join you then !”

“Ok…am waiting ” Chris hanged up ..I was honestly in no mood for partying after this news my mom gave me…my Father was a very busy business man though he comes back home once in a month to check on us,and since when I finished wants me to get married to the lady of her choice veronica which I think is not right but who am I to say know..I silently stood up…went to the bathroom ..had my shower..dressed up and left the house ..

Amelia and her friend took their seats in the bar discussing

“Last night…you made me got drunk ..that shouldn’t happen this night !” Amelia said having a bottle of liquor all over her mouth ….”oh chill girlie. .we are just having fun…I would have loved it ..if you had given that b---h her size today but it turned out you got suspended !”sofia said referring to veronica..”it’s not worth it ny friend ..there’s no need for that ..and am not even angry anymore..just that I can’t stay at home…I ll just die of boredom …” …Christain was seaTed next to their table as Alvin joined chris. ..both exchanged greetings…!

“This tequila is the best..I love it”I said rushing the drink as Sophie whispered ..”Hey gf..check out the b---h boyfriend. .he’s here !”she points at Alvin …

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