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Forbidden Passion - Season 1 - Episode 9
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As I raised my head up I saw two shadows of guys in my front…I tried to avoid them but they blocked my way then I finally spoke “pls excuse me “and they both burst into laughter. ..I dont get why they are laughing when I said nothing funny…as I was about to take a step one of the guys dragged me back …

“Hey.. where do you think you are goin to sexy mama ?”..

“Please just leave me alone…or you won’t like what I ll do to you guys “I said in for a fight…I didn’t care whether they were guys or the other guy brought out a pistol from his pockets and points it straight to my waists “baby doll face better learn how to control your mouth ..and co..operate with us…so …shhh! “One of the guys moved closer caressing me roughly…I can’t believe am actually gonna let this idiots touch me…as I tried to move my hands they hold it forcefully. ..I couldn’t just let them get away with what they want so I had to shout for help ..”let me go..let go of me..bastards” and just then one of the guys gave me a huge slap on my face ….as the other one tore my dress …the area was very silent and there was too much noise in the bar…I don’t think anyone noticed what’s going on outside …as one of the guy tried to pull off my dress while I was struggling,I heard a loud voice from afar …

“Let go off her you bastards !”
I didn’t recognize the person quickly until he now moved forward and then I realised it was the b---h fiancee…

“Hey …who are you …?her boyfriend or what ?”

“You better stay outta this dude”the other guy added as Alvin gave him a big punch on his face …the other guy was shocked as he dropped the gun down slowly …and left with his already punched friend telling Alvin they ll get back at him…I was still staring at Alvin as he stretched his hands …to get me up …Instead I ignored his helping hands and decided to stand up my self …”Thanks !”I said still frowning …”

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