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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 10
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It’s Monday morning at breakfast and am holding my breath.

Justin is supposed to come back today.
I am eager to see him but I try not to be too eager.

Is that even a thing?
I butter my bread as I sip my tea.
Baby Abigail fusses, she seems to be teething.
I eat another bite of my Bread ad for the millionth time my eyes goes to the door.
I can’t help myself.

The door opens somewhere and I hold my breath again.
He steps into the dinning room his eyes on me.
My breath catches, at this rate I would have an heart attack.
“We have to talk”
I glance around and I point to my chest .
I ask.
“Yes you, come on”
Am scared, I hesitate.
“You better be fast, if you don’t want me telling everyone here”
He says and my chest falls.
Does he know?
I stand slowly but Justice’s voice stops me.
“Good morning brother, you wanna fill me in on where you’ve been?”
Justice asks and I sit back down.
“Not now justice”
“Yes now, Justin, dude, what is wrong with you? For three days a week you take a long vacation and you show up deadbeat and you expect me not to ask?”
Justice asks and I glance at Justin waiting for his response.
“We’ve gone over this justice, I can’t tell you”.
He says calmly.
“That’s enough justice”
Julliet says as she bounces Abigail on her lap.
“It’s not ok, this dude needs to spill”
“I don’t have to do anything”
Justin says .
Justice asks and stands.
Oh Jesus, I can see a fight.

“You don’t want to tell me where you go to every other weekend? You don’t want to tell me why you come back looking like your wife just died?

You think I can leave my bro to live like that?”
“Tell me dammit!, Do you have a mistress? A wife? Are you gay?”
“That’s enough folks”
Sage says as he reads the morning paper, calm as you please.

“If you don’t want to spill you can leave my house”
Justice says.
I gasp, julliet and Magic do too .
That’s the harshest of punishment, we kind of see sage and justice as the rulers in our little community.
Sending Justin away is the worst sort of threat,
Although we all own the house jointly, justice and Sage can make those kind of calls.
It’s the respect we give them.
Justin says as I tune back in.
What? No.
“You can’t leave….”
I say and justice throws me a look.
I shut up.

“So whatever secret you are hiding is worth more to you than your family?”
Justice asks and Justin looks away.
Justice sighs.
“You can stay, you own the house too but I want to tell you that if ever you are ready to talk about it, I am here.
Man if you are in trouble with the mob, you can tell me, I am your brother”
Justice says and I take a breath of sweet relief.
Everything is fine.
Justin gives a short nod before turning to me.
He says and I stand up immediately.
I follow.
Dread filling my stomach.
Does he know?
We get to the pool house and he turns to me.
“Is there anything you want to tell me?”
He asks and I shake my head.
“You sure Sandra?”
He ask and the dread in my stomach grows.
“Am sure”
He take a step forward and I take one back in fear.
He freezes.
“Jesus Sandra, am not him”
He says with a growl.
He knows.
“I don’t know what you mean”
I say softly.
“Don’t play dumb with me Sandra, don’t even try it.”
I shake my head softly, tears threatening to spill.
His face softens.
“Why didn’t you call me for help Sandy? Hell why didn’t you call any one?”
He ask and the tears spill.
“I….I..I was scared”
I say softly.
“He hit you”
He says brokenly and I sob.
Justin is broken because of me.
“He hit you so much that you had to be hospitalized one time”
He says and I shake my head slowly.
“Did I push you to that? Did I reject you and you went to him?”
He asks and I shake my head.
“I did , didn’t I?”
He says , more to himself.
“That motherf-ker will pay Sandy”
He says with rage.
“No Justin …”
“He will bloody pay!”
He shouts and I jump.
“He hit you Sandy, no one does that, you are a Jacobs, a bloody Maxwells.”
My tears spill, just like me to cause pain in this house again.
“I just want to forget him JM”
I say and he turns to me.
“He broke you”
Justin whispers.
“He f-cking broke the Sandra Jacobs, he made my little squirrel hide in a shell”
I sob again.
I take a step to him and I place a hand on his arm
“Please Justin, am fine now, let it go”
“Fine? Are you fine in this manner? You bloody jump at any sound, you flinch at a touch! Is this fine?”
He asks with a growl in my face and I almost whimper.
“JM ….”
“He broke a f-cking Maxwells Jacobs”
I nod slowly, my tears pouring.
“He d--n well has to pay”
He says and I shake my head.
“Am scared JM”
I say and he freezes.
“Am scared of him so much, he abused and degraded me, I just want to forget”
I say.
He nod slowly, pulling me into his arms, wiping my tears.
We stay like that for a while.
“You have to tell our family”
He says and I stiffen.
“Either you do or I will”
He says and I nod
“Ok I will ”
I say.
“Good, let’s go”
He say pulling me with him.
I ask.
“There’s no time like the present”
He says and I wince letting him lead me to the main house.
When we get to the dining I see everyone still present.
Sage sits up at the tear tracks on my face.
“Alec, sweetie go to your room”
Julliet says and he does so, grabbing his cellphone.

“What the hell? Justin?”
Sage asks .
“Are you alright Sandra?”
Magic asks and I nod.
“Sandra has something to say to every one”
Justin says and I turn to him.

He steps forward his front touching my back, giving me his strength if I need it.
I am grateful.
I turn to my family.
“What’s this about, brat?”
Justice asks and I speak.
“I was abused in California”
I say softly, tears threatening again.

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