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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 12
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I walk downstairs, it’s the middle of the night, I need some water, I haven’t gotten around to installing a mini fridge in my room yet.

I rub at my eyes as I enter the kitchen, I stop as I see Justin chugging a milk right from the carton.
“You don’t want Magic to see you doing that”
I say and he turns still drinking.
He’s shirtless.
Holy Batman hotness.

I blink and glance away from his chest.
He stops drinking the milk and turns to Me.
“It’s almond milk, it’s specially for me, she knows I drink from the carton”
He says softly as he caps the carton and returns it to the fridge.
He grabs a bottled water and give it to me.
I accept and I take a long pull.
He watches me and am suddenly aware that am wearing just a polo shirt that if I turn in a certain way you can see my butt.
I swallow, backing away to the door.
He asks with a mocking tone.
“You asking me butterfly or you telling me?”
He asks and finally my eyes goes to the kitchen table and I see his laptop open and some papers scattered everywhere.
“Are you working?”
I ask, appalled.
He answers nonchalantly as he makes his way to table and takes a sit on the chair there.
“You can’t work, it’s past 2 in the morning”
I say.
“I have to compile all this, I left it when I went away during the weekend, it’s long overdue.”

He answers me and I shake my head.
I know it would be useless asking where he went to, I just make my way to the kitchen table and I sit on it my legs on the chair beside him .

He glances up slowly from his laptop and his eyes snags on my leg.

Am suddenly self conscious, I clear my throat.
He goes back to looking over some papers.
“So are these stuff top secret,?”
I ask as I pick a paper.
“No, just normal stuff”
He says as he grabs the paper from me.
I pout.
“I wanna see”
His eyes are on my lips as he says.
“Loose that look Sandy”
He says with a whisper and I reply with a whisper too, I don’t know why I did.
“What look?”
I ask.
“That look that says ‘l want you to have your wicked way with me’ loose that look butterfly.”
I blink slowly.
“But I want to keep you company, I couldn’t sleep”
I say softly.
“Do that sweets without looking delectable”
He says and I blush softly, I look away.
He goes back to his work and I lie on the table counting sheeps as I swing my leg.
After a while I ask with a whisper.
“Do you think about it?”
He doesn’t lift his head but I see him still.
“Think about what butterfly?”
I clear my throat softly.
“Never mind”
I say and he continues his work after a while he speaks just as softly as I did earlier.
“I think about it Sandra, everyday, the way you felt, the way you smelt, the way you cried out, everything”
I gulp as I nod, looking away.
My skin suddenly feels to tight.
I sit up.
“Am gonna go to bed”
He nods.
“Yes do that”
He says with dismissal and I nod, exiting the room.

I walk upstairs to my room and I am drawn back by a hand into the hall, I almost scream but a hand covers my mouth .
I see it’s him and I settle a little.
He takes his hand away from my mouth .
“Am going to kiss you , tell me to go away if you don’t want it”
He says with a whisper.
I shake my head and he misinterprets by stepping away.
“You can’t be so selfish as to put the decision of our attraction in my hand Justin”
I say and he steps forward, pressing me to the wall.

“Sue me Sandra, Sue Me if I have lost all sense and reason because of you, you are a magnet for me woman, I can’t think when you are around me”
He says as his hand goes to my neck. I gulp.
“Am half mad already Sandra, am half mad, you are supposed to be my lil sis, you are supposed to be the one i don’t want, but now the very thought of you puts me on the edge”
I look into his eyes and I see a man trying to restrain himself, it gives me power, it make me bold.
I lift my hand and place it on his arm, slowly moving to his chest.
He falters, his eyes going hooded.
“Don’t do that Sandra, don’t bloody do that”

He says but I can hear the give in his voice.
Am emboldened, I haven’t had this much power over a person for the past year.
I stroke his hair out of his face and he bends his head down, his face going to my neck.
“Am powerless against you butterfly”
He says and my hand pulls his head up and he must have seen the approval in my eyes because he swoops in, capturing my lips in a kiss.
I blink my eyes close against the onslaught of emotions.

He kisses his way from my lips to my neck, I mo*n softly.
He pulls my a-s into his hands and lifts me up, I immediately wrap my legs around his torso.
He lifts his head.
“You are my undoing woman”
I smile a big smile, I feel like my face would split.
He pecks my lips and I tilt my head, making it deeper.
After a while we come up for air.
He sets me gently on my feet and I wobble, my legs feel like jelly.
“Does things to my ego that you look that way because of me baby girl”
I blush and I smile.
“You don’t look much better big guy”
“Only for you sweets”
I blush again and he leads me to my door.
I stop before going inside.
“Wanna come in?”
I ask.

“No baby girl”
I school expression immediately, a little bit hurt, I nod.
He notices, of course he does.
He pulls me back as I take a step away.
“Not like that sweets, I still have my work to do, I would love nothing more than to be in bed with you but I can’t, cos baby girl, just one night won’t be enough this time.”
I nod with a blush.
He bends and gives me a hard kiss before stepping away .
I close the door and I lean against it with a smile.
I almost squeal as I pad to my bed, I get in and as I drift to sleep I don’t know that while I was kissing Justin , julliet and Sage stepped out to get water but turned when they saw us.
I also don’t know that Justin comes into my room to pull the sheets I have kicked off onto my body.
Am asleep.
Am dead to the world.
I smile as I snuggle in to my pillow.
I don’t hear his chuckle because of course am asleep.

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