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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 14
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In a thousand years, yes yes, I know am slacking and again, please forgive me, let’s know if you do in the comment section.



I clench my fist so tight on the steering wheel as I drive home.

All day I thought about her proposal, was she serious? Does she she think I saw her like that?
I am so angry.

Would she have found someone else to scratch her itch if I wasn’t there?
These questions go through my mind and I feel the anger setting in again.

I know she probably doesn’t want any romantic entanglements, not after her trust was trampled upon by someone she trusted but am not that person.

I drive into the compound and I sit in my car, thinking.

So let’s get this straight.

She wants to be a friend with benefit to me, she wants to have no strings sex with me.
I almost growl.

What is wrong with women?

Just when you think you are ready to to make a commitment they come and blow it all up in your face.

Ok fine.

Am gonna go with it.

Yes I am.
She wants sex? She will be getting s-x.
She wants a friend, yup, right here.
She wants a shoulder to cry on?
Am ever ready.
Besides, relationship are totally overrated.
I step at of my car and I glance at a window to see the curtain snap close.
Seems someone was expecting me.
I walk to the door and enter, I immediately notice that the the house is totally silent.
I can here noises coming from the kitchen and I walk there.
“Where’s everyone?”
I ask.
She lifts her hear in surprise.

Yeah right, like i didn’t just see her at the window.
“Oh Justin, you are back, I didn’t hear your car pull in”
She says and I almost sigh .
“Sandra, don’t bullshit me, I saw you at the window”
She blushes.
“Am sorry, am just so nervous”
She says and I nod, I am nervous too, not that I will ever admit that.
“So where’s everyone?”
I ask again.
“They went out for a family night out, seems some new movie is showing at the cinema, they won’t be back until midnight”
She says and I nod.
How convenient.
We are ALONE, emphasis on the alone.
This is flushing all my good intentions down the drain.
I nod, trying to make my escape.
I stop at her words.
“So did you think about it?”
She asks and i turn In slow motion.
She continues.

“I mean if you don’t want to do it it’s fine, am ok with whatever decision you made”
She says and I nod.

She continues nervously..

“I mean you really didn’t like me before, you might not even be attracted to me ……”
“Sandra, shut up”
She swallows her words, better.
“I thought about it and yes, i accept your offer”
I say and she breaths a sigh of relief, I almost lift my brows.

She was this interested?
“We do this under conditions”
I says and she nods eagerly.
“We are totally exclusive, no one else”
I say and she nods
“Am good with that”
I begin to turn but I stop and I turn .
“You sure about this Sandra?”
She looks hesitant at my question and I almost hope she changes her mind.
But no, she nods affirmative.

I almost sigh.

Well, let the games begin.


It’s breakfast the next morning.
I feel like am being watched, I can’t put my finger in it.

I lift my eyes and I see my family watching me, it seems its just I and Justin eating.
I ask.
Sage just smirks at me and I roll my eyes.
I mean they can’t know right?
They cant suspect anything going on with I and Justin, right?
I look to Justin and I see him take a sip of coffee, he seems to be in a staring contest with justice.

“So when are you going to start shooting?”
Magic asks and I turn to her.
“In a week time, I reached out to my former crew and they are on board with me, am going for a reality TV setting”
I say.

“But it’s a cooking show”
Julliet says.
I nod.

“Yes am aware, that’s why, since I am starting on such short notice I want to do something different, after the first 3 shoots am going to bring so chef to visit so that it won’t only be Kele doing the work”.
I say as I chew my toast.
Julliet nods.

“So what will you be doing?”
She asks.
“My job is to keep up a running commentary between the chefs and audience, I will even take requests from the online subscribers and audience”
“So basically your job is to stand there and look pretty”
Magic comments and I poke my tongue out at her.
“Am pretty”
I say.
“Well,.you kind of are”
She admits and o laugh.
“Aunt sandy, can i stand in front of the camera?”
Alec asks .

“Sure baby, you can, infact, you will be a guest of honor, after all you are my sweetheart”
I say and he nods.
“I kind of am”
He replies cheekily.
I say and laugh.
My phone rings and i pick.
“It takes money to talk to you now babe”
Antonio’s voice fills the speaker and I laugh a little.
“You refused to call me”
I say.
“How are you doing baby girl?”
He asks and I nod, I remember he can’t see me so I reply.
“Am fine, am doing really good”
“That’s good baby, that’s pretty d--n good”
He says with a whisper and I smile softly.
“Are you ok tony?”
I ask.
“Am fine, am as fine as fine can be”
“That’s pretty d--n awesome babe”
I say and I can feel his laugh down my back.
I don’t know why I don’t see tony like that, he’s handsome and not lacking anything, i just view him as a brother.
“So talk later?”
He asks, I nod but remember he can’t see me.
“Ya, babe, talk later”
I say and he disconnects without a bye.
Typical Tony.
I lift my head as I drop my phone.
Am pretty comfortable now to answer Tony’s call in front of my family.
I see Jules and Magic watching me and I throw them a smile.
Their eyes slide to the place where Justin is sitting and my smile falls, oops.
I turn to see him wipe his mouth and stand, he turns to me.
“Sandra, a word”
He growls as he walks in the direction of the stairs.
I stand slowly.
What did I do?
. ……

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