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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 16
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“So are you a superhero?”
Kele asks and I almost roll my eyes as I pour coffee for Tony.
“Yes, you look like Thor”
Alec says.

I roll my eyes this time.
I mean I know Tony is built, like really built but he is not that ‘built’
It would be hard for him not to be, he is an ex marine and he has his own security company now in Carli, even his line of work is a daily workout.
Let’s not forget his genes.
Quarter Cuban, quarter Mexican and half white, he is buff.
Even God naturally blessed him with muscles.
As he flexes them for Alec I kind of wonder if I am not down playing his size because he is my friend.
I mean he is pretty big.
After the introductions yesterday Sage invited him to stay over at the mansion instead of the hotel he was going to stay in.

I had my reservations but now I can think of it in no other way .
“Mami, little one, I can promise you am not a superhero, am just a kind of cop”
He says, replying to Kele and Alec’s earlier question.
I woke him up for breakfast this morning and we had a heart to heart.
He made me promise I am ok.
I love my friend.
“So, Tony, tell us about yourself”
Julliet says and I sigh.

“What is this? A family introduction?”
I ask sarcastically and Antonio turns to me.
“Eat Sandi, Let me serve myself”
He says referring to the toast I just placed on his plate.
I start.

He sq££zes my knee and I concede.
“My name is Antonio Josef Alvarez, am part Cuban, part Mexican and half white,

I have my own security company in California, my parents are separated, I have two siblings, one sister and a brother, my best food is pot roast and my best color is green, am single, thank you for having me at your house”

He says and I smile like a proud mother.
If anything, Antonia, Tony’s mother really drilled manners into him and his siblings.
Justin comes down and my heart clenches.
He sits down at the table without a word and pours himself some coffee.
“Who pissed in your cereal this morning Justin?”
Kele asks.
“Not in the mood Kele”
He says and she immediately turns away from him.

She has been a witness to his foul temper, when Justin wants to be left alone, you leave him alone.

Only Justice and Sage have mastered the art of calming him.

I glance away and I see Tony watching me.
“So you own your own security company? That means you are a superhero then”
Kele says.

Tony smirks, looking away from me.
“I can be your superhero if you want”
He replies.
I blink.

We all know that kele has been flirting with Tony, it’s so obvious, she does it to all the guys, it’s her way of keeping them off balance.

I never expected Tony to flirt back.
I can feel the tension between them now that I concentrate.

Magic smirks as kele blushes.

It’s a miracle.
“Oh really?”
She asks
“Yes, really”
He replies again.

She stuffs her mouth with bread and I almost laugh.

Kele is off balance? In this world?
“So you going to show me around today?”
Tony asks me and I nod.

“I saw some sites on my way and I picked a guide brochure from the airport, I want to see it all”

He says and I smile.
“You can’t get the full experience from a guide brochure, let me guide you”
Kele says but the way she says it leaves nothing to the imagination.
“Baby in the room wench”

Justice says and she doesn’t even bother to look at him.

“Mami, I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed to guide me”
Tony replies.

I almost groan.

They are attracted to each other.
Oh no.

“Thank you kele but I can guide him all by my self”
I say and she sighs.
“You are no fun at all”
“He is mine Kele, all mine”
I say in a mock villian voice.
“Settle Sandi, there is a lot of me to go around”

Tony says and I laugh.
I stop when I see Justin rise at the edge of my vision.

We all watch him the way you will watch a rattle snake.
With wariness.
He picks up his suit jacket and leaves the room without a word.
My heart does that prickly thing again and I can’t help but think I caused his anger.
Again I see Tony watching me so I throw him a smile and he smiles back but I know he doesn’t fall for it.


I am supposed to be working but I can’t get her smiling face out of my mind.
All day i have obsessed over that.
He is hers?
All hers?
What’s that?

I feel like punching something but I restrain my self.
I already made my secretary pour coffee on her self, I don’t want any more incidents.
My phone rings and I frown.
It’s my private phone.
I pick when I see it’s Leila’s number.
My chest constricts.
“What’s wrong?”
I can almost feel her eye roll over the phone.
“Settle Justin, Raine just wanted to talk to you, she won her school debate”
She says and I almost sigh in relief.
“Give her the phone”
After some moments.
“Hey Daddy”
Her tiny voice fills the phone.
“Hey sugar cookies, how are you doing?”
“Sugar cookies? Daddy you are so funny”
She laughs and I feel my body calm, I miss my babies.

“I heard you won your school debate”
She squeals
“Am proud of you my baby”
I say .
“I love you daddy”
She says softly.
“I love you sugar cookies”
I say.
“Pass the phone to your brother”
She does and I speak with him before he passes the phone to Jew.
“Hey baby bunch”
I say.
“Hey father”
“Oh, it’s father now? Are we in the Philippines?”
I ask and I get what i wanted.
She laughs.
“When are you coming daddy?”
She asks.
“Very soon baby bottom”
She giggles.
“You are really funny daddy”
I laugh with her as she passes the phone to Leila.

I speak with her for a while before disconnecting.

I lean back on my chair.

Feeling much better than I have been all day.
I realize that I don’t really need to be angry at Sandra.

She was never mine to start with.

I pick up my brief case as stand .

Infact, I really don’t care what she does, am going to protect her but I am not going to hold a torch for her anymore.
I am not.

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