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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 2
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One year later.

I step out of the cab and I take a deep breath, oh it’s good to be home.

The cab pulls away after I pay, I turn around.

I look from my position outside the gate to see my best friend and and my brothers wife julliet running towards me and waving.

With her also is my brother’s best friend’s wife, magic.
“Jules!, Magic!”
I squeal as I step towards the gate.

We try to touch each other from the gate bars like am in prison, I laugh so hard.
It’s been so long I did that.
“Oh, I missed you, I missed you”
Julliet gushes.
I nod.

“I missed you baby girl, magic, i missed all of you”
I say and we all squeal.
“Barbarians! open the gate and let the woman in”

Kelechi,our friend shouts from the drive way, walking towards us.
We all laugh.

I step back as Magic punches the gate code in and the massive gates open.

I enter rolling in my suitcase.

I let it fall as I am swept in a giant, massive group hug.

I flinch a little but I make myself settle.
These are friends.
“I missed you all”
I say.

“I see no reason why you didn’t let us come get you at the airport”
Julliet says and I smile.

It wasn’t intentional, I just needed time to reinforce my shield.
Away from them.

Kele picks up my suitcase and begins to roll it inside..

“Dayum, gal, you look smoking”
Kele says and I laugh out loud.
Albeit a little forcedly.

They don’t notice, thank God.
“Yes Sandra, what did they feed you in California? Boobs and a-s?”

Magic asks and am surprised.

“Who taught you to talk like that? Justice?”
She laughs.
“Don’t you know it”
She says and we all laugh.

Am led to my room where they immediately want to know everything about me.
“Girls, girls, we would talk, I promise, just let me freshen up, I still have to see my nieces,ok?”
They nod.

“Just be fast, I still have to go home tonight, not all of us live in a mansion”
Kelechi says and I smile.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me when kelechi opened a 5 star restaurant in Lagos just to be close to her best friend, Magic.
The woman thinks she is Magic’s surrogate mother.
And neither did it come as a surprise to me when my family and Julliet’s decided to build a big house and live together.
I mean back then we literally used to live in each other’s house.

This just saves energy and time.
I nod my head and they all exit but not before giving me a hug and telling me it’s good to have me back.

When they leave I take a deep breath , having people this close to me for a long period of time, rattles me.

I feel tears try to push out but I swallow them.
I say my mantra.

“Am strong, am wise,am independent and am the best I can be”
After I say this for a while I feel better.
I stand up and walk to my bathroom.
I wasn’t always this weak, I sigh.
Just another thing he took from me.


“Ok am gonna go ahead an go home now, it was lovely catching up with you Sandra”
That was kele and that was after I have finished telling them about my one year in California.
Well, the part I know that wanted to hear.
“Ok, hugs and kisses , see you soon”
We all wave her on her way as she steps to her car.

After she pulls away I turn.
“When did you say they will be at home again?”

I ask referring to Sage and Justice.
“They had a business meeting, I think they said about 11 this night”
Julliet replies and I nod.

“I feel like holding Cara and Abigail again”
“I have a feeling you will spoil them, it’s past there bed time, you have to wait till tomorrow”
Magic says and I fake pout, Abigail is Sage’s and Julliet’s baby and Cara is Justice’s and Magic’s baby, they are both so cute.
They were pregnant when I left for the States.
I plop on the couch as I grab my limenade.
I take a sip and I almost choke at Julliet’s next question.

“So why aren’t you asking about him”
I blink.

“I don’t know who you mean.”
“Oh, come of it, you know who we mean ”
Magic says as she sketches on her drawing pad.
I shake my head.

“Honest to goodness, I don’t know who you mean”

I say and I take the last sip of my drink, crushing the ice between my teeth.

“Are you serious? I know you told us you had a boyfriend over there in Cali but I thought it was over since you didn’t say anything about him for a while there”

Julliet says and I hope she didn’t notice my subtle flinch.

I open my mouth to reply but the door opens.

I hear Sage call through the house and I smile.
I hear justice say something along the lines of…
“Chill dude, the brat is not running”
I would have laughed if I think I could.

Sage comes into view and i stand up slowly.
He marches to me and pulls me in a big hug.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath of my big brothers smell.

I missed him.
So much.

I hug him back even though am now averse to physical touch.
“I missed you”
I confess and he kisses my head as he sets me on my feet.

Am pulled into another hug by justice and this time I really flinch.
I was caught unawares.

He kisses my head but not before throwing me a frown.

I just blink innocently.
No body else notices, thank God.
“I missed you JJ”
“Missed you too brat”.
He says as he flicks my nose.
I scrunch it.

I turn to see sage kissing julliet and I make a face, magic laughs.
I missed this people.
“Hold on, where’s Alec?”
I ask.
I can’t believe I forgot all about my little nephew.
“He went out with Justin, they went on a short road trip”
Julliet says.
I tense at that name, memories try to surface i push them back.
I nod my head.
Thank God I dodged that bullet, am not ready to see him yet.
“Aunty Sandra!!”
Some body squeals and am very sure it’s Alec.
I turn my head to julliet.
“I thought you said they went on a road trip?”.
“I said, a short road trip”
She says with a sickly sweet smile.
I turn as a ball of energy and clothes hits me in a hug.
I hug Alec back.
I missed my little man.
“You look hot Aunty Sandra”
He says and I smile.
My little girl Slayer.
“Well you look pretty hot your self A”
I say as we bump fists.
I raise my head slowly trying to avoid the inevitable.

There he is….
My undoing.
“Hi, Justin”
I say.

He nods, dropping the bags he is carrying.
“Welcome back Sandra”
He says and the tears I have been holding back threaten to come out.
I made a mistake.
I never should have come back.
. .

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