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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 20
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“You never went out with him?”
Justin asks me and I shake my head no.
“I just kind of thought you wont be too hype on it”
I say, we are talking about the Tony situation, finally.

It’s been 3 days since he returned from his trip.

3 days that I have had him all to my self.
I really missed him and from the looks of it he missed me too.

I sit up, pulling the sheets to my chest.
If my family suspects that we’ve been doing whatever, they don’t let it show.
I try to be incognito as I can, I don’t want to rub my s-x life in their faces.
He kisses my shoulder as I pull my hair over my other shoulder.
“I have to go to my room soon, am still tired from last night’s shoot”
I say to him.

The shoot we had the previous night was awesome, it went extremely well.

We even got approached by a big time show company that wants to make it a reality TV show, we are still thinking about that.
Making it something extreme will be good but I don’t want to loose the essence of the show along the line.

And besides Kele is the owner, she calls all the shots.

Speaking of calling the shot, it seems Tony isn’t picking what she is putting down.
She has finally met her match.
“You can go to your room when am done with you”
Justin says pulling me back from my thoughts.

I smirk at him over my shoulder.
“Oh really, says who?”
“Says I, woman, you are my woman, I need a little loving right now”
He says with a fake black American accent that I almost gag.

“So now I am your woman? I thought I was a girl the last time I checked”
“I was way in over my head, I didn’t mean it”

He says and I get that that is the closest he will ever come to apologizing.
I roll my eyes.

“You know Mavin used to say that to me a lot”
I say softly, I don’t even know why i brought up this topic.

I feel him tense.

Way to go Sandra, the light mood is gone, I can feel it.

“Am not Mavin, baby”
I turn to him .

“I know that JM, I know that”
I say.

He nods.

We settle down for a while, I glance at the clock, it’s 2 am .

Pretty early or late, depends on how you see it.
“What do you think about having kids”
Justin asks sometime later, I feel my self stiffen.
Does he want to have kids?
With me?

I almost shake my head.
Slow down Sandra, it was just a question.
“I love kids”
I say softly.
He asks.
“Ya, why do you ask?”
“No reason”
I nod and settle deeper into his arms.
After a while I feel obliged to say.
“I can’t have kids though”
He sits up with me in his arms.
I smile a sad smile.
“Doctor’s says i have slim chance, I got pretty [email protected] up when he hit me the last time”

I say with no emotion, what so ever.
“Are you serious?”
He asks and i nod.
“Did you try to confirm?”
He asks again.
“Ya, I did, am kinda barren”
I say, trying to joke but it falls flat.
“Am going to kill him Sandra”
He says as a promise and I feel tears come and over flow.
I have come to terms with my state of future childlessness but sometimes the pain still get to me.
I really wanted babies.
I really, really did.
He pulls me into his arms and I go willingly.
“Am gonna protect you Sandra, am gonna make sure nothing happens to you, I promise”
He says this and i pull him to me.
He seems to get what I want because he spreads kisses all over my face.
As he slowly pulls the sheets away his phone rings on the nightstand.
I groan, prepared for him to answer it.
He just grabs the phone and ends the call without looking at the display.
He goes further to switch it off and I giggle.
“All my attention on you baby girl”
I smile.
He kisses me slowly and I sigh into his mouth.
I could really die here.
After a while we settle back on the bed.
He pulls me close, my head on his chest.
Am content, Bliss.
“You are sweaty”
He says.
“You are not doing much better big guy”
I say and he laughs.
“Do you think the air condition is on?”
I ask.
“Wait let me check”
He stands up with just his briefs and I almost swallow my tongue.

I still can’t get used to how toned he looks.
As he pads to the switches on the wall, I grab his discarded tshirt and I wear it.
After a while I feel a blast of cold air.
“Ha, would you look at that, it was off”
He says and I raise a brow.
“I know you are immune to cold air”
I say to him and he pouts.
It was hilarious.
“Eww, get that look off your face”
I say to him as he climbs the bed.
“What?, I guessed if it works for you it will for me”
He says as he pulls me close.
I sit between his legs as he grabs the remote.
“Am starving”
I say.

It’s just past 3 and I feel like a could eat a full cow, no kidding.
He leans over the bed opens his mini fridge and gets out a chocolate bar, he hands it and a bottled water to me.
“Wow, you have this handy”
“I figured that you will be needing your strength one day so….”
Can I just say, proud much?
I punch his arm lightly as he goes back to surfing the TV and I eat chocolate.
His phone vibrates and he frowns.
I also with my mouth full of chocolate.
“It’s my work phone, it never rings”
He leans over to get it on the nightstand and I watch him.
He swipes the screen and I see his body tense.
He grabs his private phone, the one he switched off earlier and powers it on.
“Is everything okay?”
He doesn’t respond, I drop my Choco and water as I watch him.

I pick up his work phone and I read the text.
‘ Justin, it’s Leila, I could not reach you on your phone so I called your work phone, if you get this please call me back, something’s happened ‘
I feel myself stiffen.
Who’s Leila?

I watch him as listens to voicemail.

A smooth feminine voice feels the room.
“Justin, am scared, please come to the hospital, something’s happened to Jew, Justin …….hurry”

He springs up as he let’s the phone fall.
He’s pulling on cloths so fast .
I stand.
“Is everything okay?”
He doesn’t respond, he just grabs his keys in a panic and exits the room , I follow into the hallway.
He seems so scared.

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