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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 22
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A shake on my shoulder brings my head up, I slowly open my eyes, I can t believe I fell asleep.

I look around to see my family camped out in various stages of tiredness around the waiting room.

I turn to the person who woke me, it’s Justin.
I stand up immediately.
“Are you ok? Is she ok?”
I immediately begin to panic.

“She is fine, she’s not out yet, I brought coffee, I guessed you might need it”
I smile a grateful smile as I accept.
“Are you ok now?”

Justice asks and I see by the opened eyed appearance he has he didn’t catch any sleep.

Sage is also the same.

Tony is standing by the theater doors as if on guard.

Apparently only us girls got some sleep.
“Ya, am fine, just a little bit tired”
Justin replies to Justice’s earlier question.
“I spoke to a specialist in Abuja and she says she will fly out to see Jew today”
Justice says and Justin nods.

“I called her, she says she is already in Lagos”

Sage says and Justin looks relieved.
He says, He turns to the lady, Leila, as if he just remembered something.
“Where are Styxx and Raine?”
He asks in a low voice.

“They are with my friend, he will be here with them soon, he will also be bringing a change of cloth for Jew”
She says and Justin nods.
“Take care of your self Leila”
Justin says and she nods.

Who are Styxx and Raine?.

I don’t get to ask because the theater doors open and the doctor steps out.

He looks drained.

We immediately swamp him.
“How’s she?”
Justin asks.

“She’s fine, she’s a strong girl, we already underwent 4 surgeries, just one more to go”
“So she’s fine?”
Juliet asks the question on my mind.

“Yes, for now”
“What do you mean for now?”
Tony asks, finally leaving the door way.

“This last surgery is different from the rest, this is the one that will help In restoring her hearing, so it’s a little close to her brain,…..What am trying to say is that, she might slip into a coma, it’s 50/50”
He says and my heart clenches.

“But she has a chance right?”
Magic asks, I can hear the tears in her voice.
“Yes, she does, a slim chance, you can decide now that you don’t want her to take this surgery, she can live a fairly normal life”
Justin shakes his head.

“Mr Maxwells you don’t seem to understand that your daughter might die if she takes this surgery, she is strong but not that strong”

The doctor says and I feel like punching him.
Where is the ‘Good Doctor’ behavior when you need it?

“You have to do this surgery, her mother, my late wife also had this condition, she couldn’t live without her hearing, it eventually made her kill her self….”

A suicidal ex wife?

The surprise is just rolling in today.

“…… I promised Jew that she will have her hearing back, you have to help me”

I hear the defeat in his voice and I wish I can stop time and make that baby better for her father.

“Well Mr Maxwells, you have to sign a waiver stating that you made this decision on your own without influence from the hospital”

The doctor says and I frown.

Who is this jerk?

Can you be a little more compassionate?

“Wait a minute”
Sage states stepping forward.

“I would like for you to stay very far away from my niece from now on, we have a specialist coming in, she will be conducting this surgery, we will be using your facilities and we promise to pay, of course”
Wow, I almost forgot Sage has a law degree.

The doctor scoffs.


“Who is better than me in all of Nigeria?”
“I am”
A feminine voice says and we turn.
“I am doctor Annie and I will be conducting this surgery”
She says.

“Annie? Annie as in Annie Abubakar?”
The doctor gushes.
I roll my eyes.

“It’s so nice of you to fly out this early Annie, thank you”
Justice says and I frown.

He knows her?

“Anything for you justice, Lydia just wanted me to tell you that she is sorry she can’t be here sooner”

The woman says.

Justice nods.

Lydia is Justice’s PA.

She must be Lydia’s sister?

“Hello Sage, hello everyone, let’s see the baby, I can guarantee you it won’t be as tragic as it sounded earlier”
She says and I breathe a sigh of relief .

“Aren’t you going to go ahead with the surgery now?”

Kele asks and the doctor shakes her head.

“She has to wake from the sedatives first so we can monitor her progress before we send her under again”

Doctor a-hole says before Annie could reply.
“Yes, what he said”
Annie says and Justin nods.

“She is in the recovery room now, why don’t we go see her?”
Doctor Olu says and we follow.

We step into the room.

She looks so small in the middle of the bed.

“She’s still sleeping?”
Annie asks Olu with a frown.

“Yes, we are bringing her to now”
He says and she nods.


So that wasn’t a bad thing.

“I know we all want to know how the baby is doing but the room is too packed, some persons will have to leave after she wakes up”
Annie says.

The baby on the bed fusses and frowns in pain.

I take a step forward and stop.

Justin is immediately there.

She blinks and it seems everyone in the room is collectively holding their breath.

The bandage around her head contrasts with her dark skin.

Skin so like Justin’s.

“She won’t be able to hear you so maybe sign to her”

Doctor a-hole says and Justin snarls at him.
“Shut the f-ck up”

I am going to buy this hospital just to have the pleasure of firing this moron.

I think julliet and Magic had that same thought too.

Kele says.

Not hiding her thoughts.

The doctor looks put out.


My attention goes back to the baby.

She blinks her eyes slowly open and she close them again.

I panic, it stops when she blinks them open again.

She asks in a broken whisper.
“Here baby kitten”
“My…… hurt..s”
“Am sorry baby.”

I see that Justin is kind of speaking slowly to her.

She seems to be focusing on his lips.

Hot d--n.

Leave it to Justin to have an intelligent beautiful kid.

The baby reads lips.

“I want water”
She says.

“She can’t have any”
Doctor A-s..
. sorry, Olu says when Justin looks to him.
“Am sorry baby, no water yet”
Justin says, turning his attention back to her.
“I want Raine and Styxx”
She says.

Who are this people.
Are they her best toys?

The door opens and a guy enters.
He looks up, looking startled he stops.
“Chika, you made it”
Leila says.
“Hey baby”
The guy says.

My attention gets stolen when 2 ball of energy run towards the bed.
Energy ball one says in a loud voice I wince.
“Squid, lower your voice, it’s an hospital”
Energy ball 2 says in a whisper.
“Don’t call me squid”
Energy ball 1 says, but this time in a whisper.
She turns her attention to the bed.
“I was so scared Jew juice”
“Am fine, Raine Ray”
Jew says.

And the little girl, Raine nods.
The little boy steps forward with a small Ziploc bag filled with pink flowers.

“Here, mom will make you feel better, I saved it from our last visit to her”
The little boy says and I frown.
Pink flowers is mom?
Am confused.

Jew accepts, she raises the bag to her lips and kisses it.

The kids steps back and as if noticing Justin for the first time turns to him.
Raine shouts.

I frown.


It can’t be….
“Daddy, I was so scared”

The little girl says.
“Am here baby bottom”
Justin says before turning to the little boy
“How are you Styxx”
“Am fine Papa”
He says and I realize.

It really is.

Styxx, Raine, Jew.

They are triplets..
Justin had freaking 3 kids.

I seriously did not see that coming.
. .

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