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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 30
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“What do I do!?”

Kele cries, no seriously, I have never seen her this serious.

“I thought you said it was only just a fling?, a game?”
Magic asks and Kele growls at her.
“Don’t tell me what I said Magic”
Magic muffles a laugh in her hand as she takes a sip of her drink.

“Let me get this correctly….you have feelings for Tony?, Since you guys started sleeping together you have gotten to know him and he is kind, he lost his sister to an abusive husband so you guys get each other on that point.

You are scared of what you feel for him and you don’t know what to do since he is leaving in a week… Did I get all the facts right,?”

Julliet asks and Kele nods.

I don’t say a word, am still trying to wrap my head around it.
“The worse part is not that he is leaving, the worse part is that he says he will stay in Nigeria for a while to see where this goes because obviously am not giving up my restaurant to go be with him in California”
She says.

“How’s that the worse part? The man obviously likes you”
I say to her.
“He kind of used the love word with me”
She says and I gape.
I knew that Tony and Kele were together but not this together.
If you know what I mean.
“So what’s the problem?”
I ask her again.
Because seriously am not seeing any problem with this arrangement, it means am gonna get more of my friend.

Speaking of which, I still have to apologise to him
“The problem Sandy, if you were listening is that what do i do if he stays in Nigeria because of me and we later find out we are not compatible?

Won’t he regret wasting a period of his life with me?

I don’t want him to think of me in the future with bad thoughts.”
“What I see here is that you love him too”
Magic says.
“Well I do”
Kele confesses.
“What I also see here is that you are ending a relationship in your head even before it has had the opportunity to begin”
Julliet says and Kele pauses.
“Would it be so bad if he stays in Nigeria because of you?
Don’t you think you are worth it and more?
And besides if it doesn’t work out, am sure he is mature enough to handle himself.
Why don’t you see were this goes?”
Julliet says again and Kele looks lost.
Seriously am feeling a little sympathy for her.
“Don’t end the relationship you can start just because you are scared.

Think about it, what if just what if the relationship between the two of you is good and gets better and the both of you fall deeper in love.?

Have you thought about how happy you would be then?”

Jules asks her and I nod slowly.
“Seriously, think about that”
I say.

“But what if we fall in love deeper and it comes to a time for the both of us to chose were we are going to stay?

Long distance relationships work but this would be really really long distance.

And besides, I can’t ask him to choose between his work and me.

He loves his work.

And also, I can’t leave Tasty’s behind, and there is Magic and you and Sandra and Alec and….”

“Hey, don’t use all of us as an excuse to sabotage your happiness, we will always be here for you, even if you go and come back in 60 years.

And also you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring.

Why don’t you see where it goes first before you start planning baby showers and send forth’s?”

Magic says and Kele takes a big breath.
“Ok, nice and slow, I can do that”
She says and I pat her on the back.
“Atta girl”
I say and she laughs.

“So what’s up with you?”.
She asks me and I frown.
“Since we started this night out wait since morning you’ve been tense.

One would think that after getting some last night you would be more pliable”
Kele says and I shake my head.
“What’s wrong?”
Julliet asks me.
I open my mouth to say nothing’ but I stop.

These are my friends, they can help.
“I think…no wait, I know Justin’s kid, Jew,.she hates me”
“Jew? Pffft, the kids love you, you are like a mini mom”
Magic says and I shake my head, my red hair spilling to my face and I brush it away.
“The other two might, but Jew really doesn’t like me, you should have seen her face after Justin kissed me today”
“Well, I saw it”
Julliet says.

“It looked murderous, if looks could kill”
Julliet says.
I say to no one in particular.
“Why do you think she hates you?”
“I think she thinks I am stealing her dad from her”
“Well you kind of are”
Kele says as she takes a sip of her mimosa.
Magic rebukes.
“Am just joking, geez”
Kele says after she gets a look at my fallen face
“Sandra.., you don’t have to be scared, the kid will love you, it’s only a matter of time, am sure she is still getting used to seeing a female in her daddy’s life”
Kele, kele! Says and am surprised.
I nod.

“I mean, with your red hair, you are a good role model”
She says and my heart skips a beat.
“You think I should dye it black”
“Nah, red is so you, and besides, your hair color does not factor into the hate system the kid has going on, if anything she will love you better, what kid doesn’t like a goth Barbie wannabe?”

Kele says and I flip her the bird.
She just laughs.

“So you think I should wait and be patient that she will come around?”

I ask and they nod.

I settle back into the couch.
“So what’s going on with you Jules, you never say anything about you, don’t tell me your relationship with my brother is that good”
I say to her and she pokes her tongue out at me.
“It’s that good”
She says.
“D--n, am jealous”
Kele says and we laugh.
“Am lying, it’s not that good, just that he loves me enough to forgive everything I do wrong the moment I do them and vice versa”
She says.

“I mean, we had a pregnancy scare last month, I was late and we thought I might be pregnant, seems we didn’t calculate it well”
She says and we laugh.
Wait, hold on.
I have been late for 2 months now.
Oh hell.
It can’t be..
“What’s that look on your face?”
Julliet asks me and I laugh.
“Oh it’s nothing, am thinking how I have missed my period for 2 months now”
I say jokingly but they don’t laugh.
“Sandra, you do use protection with Justin right?”

Magic asks and I shake my head no.
“I don’t”
They gape at me.
“It’s ok, I can’t get pregnant, the doctor said so”
Julliet asks.
“My womb is kind of inactive in that department so….”
“What do you mean?”
“Mavin said that’s what the doctor said the last time at the hospital after he hit me,.it was what made me leave him,”
I say.

“How sure are you that he is right? I mean the man could have lied about it to make you feel hurt”
Jules says and I pause
I never thought of that.

“Am not.. . pregnant…it can’t be..”
I say.

Julliet and Magic and Kele squeals.
“We are getting a home pregnancy test tomorrow”
“Guys, please don’t get your hopes up, it might be nothing, it might just be that I am sick”
I say.
. Sandra…”
Julliet starts.
“Jules please, I can’t get my hopes up, am just going to go for a test ok?”
They say in unison, their voices down.
“Oh, cheer up, it’s fine”
I say to them and they nod
We go back to telling stories.

I can’t believe they thought am preggers?
I almost laugh.
Seriously, the universe can’t be that cruel.

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