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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 32
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I watch her from back stage as she does her thing camera.

I can’t believe she is mine, I can’t believe she is finally all mine.

It’s been two weeks since we got back together, two weeks of enough trial and tribulations to last a life time.

Ok maybe not really trial and tribulations.
Am just exaggerating.

But really, it was hard.

First of all Jew had a fever which sent all of us into a panic.

We later found out it was just a normal cold and flu.

As it is with children, and triplets she shared her fever to the other kids and her siblings.
Even Alec.

It was five days of snotty noses and pills and temperature check.

It was hell.

Even Justice had to escape at one point.
We found him sleeping with baby Cara and Abigail with them on his chest.
It 2as comical.

Next came Kele’s and Tony’s drama.
Personally I think the woman is a loon.
And also that she has commitment issues.
Tony is as frustrated as I am sure a person trying to fetch water in a basket will be.
Then came Sandra and her phobia issues.
Firstly she tried to convince me that Jew hates her, I didn’t believe, mind you.

I later got to find out that indeed my baby girl despises my girlfriend.

I dealt with that after convincing Jew that I won’t abandon her and travel the world with Sandra.

I think she is coming along, nicely.
Next week me trying to convince Sandra that we have to go and see the therapist.
She was scared, saying what if she had to get locked in a padded cell.

AKA psychiatric hospital.

I told her that no, she won’t be locked in a cell.

She is perfectly normal.
It took us 2 days or rather her 2 days to gather her wits to even enter the car and make our first appointment.

That was five days ago, now she is better .
No not better because of the therapist, better because she is now brave enough to go to her appointments herself.

My brave girl.

It’s a wonder how we got from the beginning to the place where we are now.
It seems like a miracle.

Looking back it feels longer than it actually is, but finally we are here.
I am glad we are.


But what I am not glad of is that it seems as if Sandra, my lovely Sandra is having second thoughts.

Not towards me or our relationship but towards something else entirely.
When I ask she says it’s nothing and laughs it off.

I don’t believe her.
Swear to God.

I plan on seducing the truth out of her tonight.
I know, I know, it’s not one of my finest moment but a man has to do what a man has to do.

I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t like what I will hear.

I turn to her as she interacts with the audience as kele cooks.

Ok, seriously, my girlfriend is beautifully pretty.


That sounded cheesy.

But hell, she has turned me to a a-hole.
I like it.

I smile at her when she glances my way as if to make sure i am still here.

She continues.

I smile wider.

“Any wider and we will be stitching your lips”

Tony says to me quietly and I almost punch him.


I would have if I didn’t think that Sandra will hurt me for hurting her precious best friend.
I just give him the middle finger and he chuckles.

Sage and Justice do too.

It’s not as if the women don’t have them wrapped around their fingers also.

We watch Sandra from back stage as she does her magic.

It’s spectacular.

I watch her so keenly that if I wasn’t doing so I wouldn’t have seen her stiffen a little.
I feel Tony and Sage and Justice stiffen too, they saw her too.

Am sure the women in the audience also noticed.

It’s just that Sandra is good at what she does and she hardly if ever makes any mistake.

Her falter was brief and unnoticeable to a normal eye but she is my girlfriend the woman I want to marry.

I made it my life mission to know when she is feeling any discomfort.

I lift my bracelet to my lips and I speak into the mouthpiece.

After giving instructions to my crew I stand up from the bench.

I don’t know what’s going on but i don’t like it.

My instincts says something is wrong and I seriously listen to my instincts.
It has gotten me this far .

I watch her keenly after that and I make sure I have at least 3 other people watching her every move.

When she is done she approaches me with a smile,

I pull her in for a hug and she kisses my cheeks.

“Congratulations babe”
I say to her and she nods, she turns towards the triplets as they come closer with Juliet and Magic.

“You mentioned our names at the end!”
Raine squealed.

“I was on TV”
Jew says with awe and I smile.
Styxx is keeping it cool but I know he is excited.
She kisses their head and they kiss her cheek, she turn to me after that.

“So what was that?”
I ask

“I knew you weren’t going to miss that,”
She says and I raise my brow.
“It was nothing”
She says and I frown.
“What did you see Sandra?”
Tony asks and she sighs.
“I thought I saw Mavin in the audience but that’s just stupid, it wasn’t him, the doctor said this might happen”
She says and I hug her closer, scanning the room slowly.
Sage is in guard and Justice leads the women and kids to the cars.
Tony tells Kele to get to her car as he helps her park supplies.
“Guys it’s nothing”
Sandra says but a little uncertainly.
“Am sure it’s nothing baby, but am gonna go over the CCTV footage okay?”
I say to her and she nods.
I lead her to her car .
I bend and kiss her lips.
“Go home, bath, take care of the triplets, I will be home soon, okay?”
She nods and I kiss her again.
I watch her drive off with the other and I turn back to the hall, speaking into my bracelet.
If that f-cker really is in town, he’s got a death wish.

He made me drop my plans of s£duct!on.

Nigga is dead.

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