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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 4
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She said please.

That’s what is ringing through my head as I catch her falling body.

She said please multiple times, she never says please.

I look down at her face and I see tear tracks.
Who is this girl?

I feel Sage come up to us and he tries to take her from me.
“It’s fine”
I say.

I make my way to her room and I feel all the others following me.

What’s happening?
I set her on her bed as I clear the doorway.
Sage immediately moves to her.

I stand back as I see her coming to.
I don’t think she wants to see me right now.
She asks.
“Am right here baby girl”
She bursts out crying as she pulling it her brother close.

I feel my chest tighten.

Did I do that to her?
“Am sorry Sagen, am so sorry for being weak”
She uses the long variation of Sage’s name as she cries.

I see julliet walk to the bed and try to console her.
She pulls away.

Julliet frowns, immediately hurt.
I frown too, something is not right.

Justice beckons everyone to step outside and we go, I turn as I clear the door to see Sage get in the bed with her and pulling the covers over both of them.

She rests her head on his shoulder and I exit the room.

We all stand outside waiting for Sage, I know my family, no one will sleep tonight except they are sure she is ok.

After a while Sage comes out.
Julliet goes to him and he pulls her protectively to him.

“Is she ok darlin’?”
Julliet asks and he shakes his head no.

I stand straight.
He turns to me.

“I want you to find out what the hell happened to my sister”
I nod sharply.
Yes I want to know too.


I groan as I come awake, I feel like I was run over by a Mack truck which proceeded to reverse on top my dead carcass.

I sit up and I turn to see Sage sitting on a chair watching me.

I startle, he notices, his face darkens.
He commands.
Double s--t.

“Am tired Sage and I don’t know what you mean.”

I say and he scowls deeply.
“Do not play dumb with my Anika, I swear I will put you over my lap and spank you”
I flinch again, deeply this time.
He doesn’t know how close to home his words hit.

He used my middle name, he never does that except when he is extremely mad or pissed at me.
Am going to go with both.
“What happened to you? You broke down yesterday Sandra, I didn’t like that, not a tad much”
He says and I nod.
“I was just tired and also it was him”..
I say, referring to Justin.
He nods slowly.

“Is this about your crush on Justin? I thought you dropped that”
He asks and says and I try to act bashful.
At least that would take the attention off me.
“Yes, it’s about….. that”
He doesn’t seem to believe me and I know why, he’s my brother, he knows me more than I know my self.

“Am gonna go with that and I hope you are saying the truth, come down for breakfast…”
He says and he exits.

I feel a p---k of something and I don’t know what it is, I just know it makes me uncomfortable.
I hate lying to my brother, I lean over and grab my phone.

I dial, he doesn’t answer, I sigh.
I really needed him right now.

I go through my morning rituals and I go downstairs with my phone.
I don’t want to miss his call.
“Good morning”
I say as I sit down.

“Good morning Sandra, you doing better now? I know how stressful changing environment can be”

Magic says and asks and I smile gratefully at her.
“Am ok”
I say.

“You do know you can come to me with anything right?”
Julliet says and I hesitate.
“Yes….I know”
I say and her face falls, she knows I just lied to her.

She is disappointed, I can tell.
Just another thing he took from me, my ability to trust.

I go to grab a bacon when my phone rings.
I almost drop my bacon in fear that he is the one calling.

The one I fear the most.
I maintain my self when I see the display.
I answer with a wry smile.
“Hey Antonio”
I say .

I literally feel my entire family lift their eyes and stare at me.

His stare was the most powerful, Justin’s, I ignore them.

“Hey baby girl, how are you doing?”
The voice on the other end ask.
I stand up and walk to the kitchen..
“Am not good”
I say.

He sighs in my ear, Antonio was the only constant i had in Cali when I almost killed my self.
He made me have a meaning for life again.
He made me feel less worthless.
“You want me to come over?”
He says come over like California is a day’s journey.

“No Tony, not yet”
“Call me always, you hear me, call me”
“I will”
“You are strong, you are wise, you are independent and you are the best you can be, get that?”
I feel tears p---k at my eye.
“Yeah baby”
I whisper.

“I will call you later, yeah?”
He disconnects without a bye and I almost smile.
Typical Tony.


Who was that guy?
And why did she seem like she would die if he ends the call.

I hate oh I hate not knowing.
I pick my phone as i drive.
“Yes boss?”

The voice at the other end says.

“I just sent you a name, I want you to find out everything about that person and what she has been up to for the past year.”
“On it boss”
I disconnect, good let the games begin.

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