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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 5
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“He’s an a-hole”
I nod as I pass another tissue to to her.
“I mean, how could he cheat on me? Me!”
She asks and it’s clear she believes it’s unbelievable, I think it’s unbelievable too, the idiot.

“It’s ok, Kel’s”
Magic is trying to console her.
Trying being the word in play here.
It’s been three days since I called Antonio and things have been going fine, well relatively.
Have been job hunting, Kel’s came in a while ago while I was filling a form for an online magazine looking for a freelance photographer.
I hand another tissue to her as she reaches forward.
“Am so hurt ..”
Kele says as she blows her nose loudly.
Julliet rolls her eyes, I frown.
“Kele, not to be the voice of reason here but you know the relationship was over since before this right?”

Julliet asks and Kele’s tears immediately halts.
Magic is nodding slowly.

“Well yes, but that doesn’t mean he should cheat on me, I wanted the relationship to work, I even paid for couples counseling, my money!!”
She wails.

“So you are crying for your money and not your relationship?”
I ask.

She nods.
“Girl you need your head checked”.

Julliet comments and the water works begin again.

I sigh, I hand her another tissue.
Justice and Sage enter and they throw her a look.
“Hey Justice, Sage”
Kele says and I throw her a look.

She continues her crying and I frown.
Sage turns to me.
“Should I ask?”
He nods at the crying kele.

“Don’t, just escape”
He laughs and bends to kiss my head.
His eyes falls on my laptop screen on the coffee table.

“You’re looking for a job?”
He asks and Kele’s wailing ceases.
They all turn to me.

I nod nervously, am still not good with much attention.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”
Sage asks.

“I didn’t want to disturb you”
As a professional photographer, finding jobs in my country and my field of work is very hard.
I have a head for broadcasting and hosting but I don’t want to do that, too much risk of him finding me.

Sage just shakes his head as he asks the dreaded question.

“Why don’t you continue the show the company was funding the other time? ”
I shake my head immediately, no that’s not an option.

He notices.

“What’s wrong with that? you were good at it and it brought lots of revenue to the company”
He asks.

“I just don’t want to, I crave something different”
I say nimbly.

“Oh I know!”
Kele exclaims and we turn to her.

I am dreading what she will say next.

“I want to do a cooking show at Tasty’s, I was looking for a host, you can do it”.
Tasty’s is Kele’s restaurant.
Oh hell no.

I make a face.
She misunderstands.

“No need to fret, you will be in the spotlight, you can do it, I promise, it will be 50/50 too”
She says.

I don’t want to be in the spotlight, if anything I don’t want to be in any light at all.

If I refuse what otherwise is a promising offer it will look suspicious so I just nod.
“I will think about it”
I say slowly.

Am not thinking about anything, heaven knows.
I just smile.

She cleans up her smeared mascara daintily and I almost smile.

Kele is so precious.
“So are you good now?”
I ask and she nods.

Justice just shakes his head from where is making out with Magic and I grimace.
“You are nuts Kel’s”
Justice says.

“Oh come on, don’t hate on me big guy, I was in pain”
She says as she fixes her lipstick.
She’s so beautiful .
“So is it ok for me to say good riddance?”
Magic asks.
Kele nods.

I have a feeling that Kel’s boyfriend became an a-hole when I was away.

I sit back and I collide with justice hands I quickly sit back up.

“You alright brat? Did I hurt you?”
He asks and i shake my head.
“Am hungry”
Kele says out loud.

“No one’s gonna cook for you woman, prepare something your self and for us while you are at it”

Julliet says and kele scowls.
“Am a guest”
She says.
“You wish hag”
Justice says as he picks magic up.
“Make a dish, am gonna go upstairs with my wife, we are going away for 2hours, enough time for you to make something, no disturbance”
I cringe.

“Eww justice”
I say and Julliet fakes barf.
“Just don’t make any little babies, am too young to be a god mother to two kids”
Magic blushes.
She exclaims.

“Why? Am I wrong? Aren’t you going up to have s….”
“Am not listening….”

Julliet says loudly.

“That’s my brother Kel’s”
Julliet says.

“Oh am aware”
Kele says like a mock villian and I chuckle.
“What ever, come on big guy”
Magic says and kele hoots.

Justice matches them upstairs as Magic hides her face in his shoulder as kele makes suggestive noises.

They go out of view.

“You are incorrigible”
I say.

“Oh, big words, I likey”
She says and I smile.

“You’re with me Sandy San, we are cooking, come on, I feel like this two will be needing privacy too”
She says and my eyes widen, I stand quickly and I drop the tissue case.

Sage just shakes his head as he leads julliet upstairs.

I flee to the kitchen, I seriously don’t want to know.

“So what are we doing?”
I ask as I walk to the fridge and open, the cold air assaults me, I freeze at Kele next words.
“If you want to talk about it, am always here”
She says softly and I turn to her.
“I don’t know what you mean”
“Being strong is when you can accept and move on Sandra, am here for you, yeah?”
She asks with so much honesty, I nod.

“Good, let’s make some soup, am craving Amala”
I nod.

“Me too.”
She smiles.


I step into the kitchen to get some water to see her turning plantain flour paste, other wise known as Amala.

She looks in her element, she is concentrated.
I lean against the door jamb as I watch her.
What secret is she hiding?

I look her over, she looks okay, what then is the matter?

I wish she would tell me but I know I have lost her trust.

I hurt her when I rejected her advances after my brother was hospitalized, she told me herself.
She said she was going to stop pursuing me, after our one night together.

I didn’t argue, it was for the best, I have too much baggage.

I watch her now as she cleans sweat from her brow, she lifts her head and smiles at something kele says.

She’s so beautiful, I almost shake my head to dispell the vision of her.

She lift her head and her eyes catches mine, she smiles a wide smile at me and my chest constricts.
She seemed to have forgotten her monsters just for a minute.

She looks so beautiful, she turns back to her pot, finally letting me take a breath.

She’s too good for me, I tell my self.

She shouldn’t have to settle for less.

I turn around and leave the kitchen.
I deny that I felt real pain as I left.
. .

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