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Gabi's Diary - Season 1 - Episode 12
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what is the meaning of this rubbish now?” Sucex asked angrily as he pushed me away, I staggered back a little. He advanced towards me with full speed but I was already prepared for that as I kicked his knee and he fell ( all thanks to karate) , he tried getting up again but I gave him a kick directly to the middle of his back, and he fell forward. I lifted him up from the floor and pushed him to the wall, I then started delivering punches to him ( that is the main reason I hate fighting, I regret my actions later). I was still in the punching act when Joy barged into the room. ” Gabriel eeeh, please stop it” she shouted as she came to hold me but I pushed her angrily to the floor ” Jesus, where is Emeka o” she shouted as she ran upstairs, she was now in tears. Emeka ran downstairs with speed ,he entered our room and tried disengaging me from Sucex but all to no avail. ” Emeka do something now” Amanda shouted as she also tried holding me, Emeka came to me again and with all his power, he lifted me up and carried me out, I was struggling to get freed from him. “Lock the door” Emeka shouted as Joy locked the door to our room so as to prevent me from entering again. Emeka dragged me upstairs and pushed me to his bed. ” I never knew this was what you had in mind” he shouted but I didn’t say anything, I was still boiling in anger. ” You shouldn’t have done this now, you are more than that” he shouted again. Just then joy barged in, she was looking furious. ” Are you satisfied now, go look at the mark you gave to the poor boy face, you are a beast” she shouted but the words didn’t touch me, I was satisfied with what I did. ” Gabriel am so disappointed in you” Joy said again and Amanda also walked in ” Dont crucify Gabriel, there are times you need to burst open so that people won’t take you for granted ” she defended me . ” I know but he went too extreme, Gabriel I never expected this from you” Joy said and went to the kitchen. ” So will you eat now?” She asked me from Emeka’s kitchen. ” Am not hungry” I said but she wouldn’t listen, she brought the food and dropped it in front of me. ” This is to seven now, you haven’t eaten since morning and you are saying you aren’t hungry, you must eat o” she said still frowning her face and looking serious. ” And I said am not hungry ” I barked. ” And dont think you can scare me with your shout” she also barked back. ” The both of you shouldn’t start, I have already had enough for one day” Emeka said. “Then tell him to eat the food ” Joy said and swayed to the kitchen. ” Gabriel you too eat now” Amanda said while I eyed her and got up, I headed to the door. ” Where are you going?” Joy asked angrily as she ran out of the kitchen and stood in front of the door, she was actually trying to prevent me from going. I didn’t say anything as I simply pushed her away with one hand and she fell to the floor. ” Gabriel, Gab, dont go and do anything stupid o, Emeka please follow him” Joy said ” Abeg am tired jare, all this is already too much, Nike caused all this o” Emeka said as he stood up and followed me. I went downstairs and opened my door slightly, I met Sucex on my bed, he was crying. He saw me enter but didn’t say anything, I saw his face and it was actually true that I injured him, I felt pity for him. Emeka also entered and met Sucex crying ” Sucex, its okay” Emeka said as he placed his hand across Sucex shoulder. ” Emeka, look at my face, what did I do, just because I can’t defend myself, that’s why he beat me this much” Sucex said again, in a teary voice. One bad thing about me is that I happen to be a little bit proud, I find it so difficult to bring myself low to apologize even if am wrong. ” its okay bro” Emeka said and eyed me. I stood up from the plastic chair and went to the kitchen to drink water, I wasn’t actually thirsty. I came back some minutes later and Sucex was still crying. ” Sucex” I called out calmly , Sucex and Emeka looked up at me. ” Am rea.l..y.” I stammered, I wasn’t finding easy. ” Am really sorry” I finally blurted out, ” it was just our if anger, I am so sorry please forgive me” I said as I placed one of my knees on the ground. ” No, Gabi stand up” Sucex said as he drew my hands up, he was still crying. ” Its okay” Sucex said as I got up and sat down . ” Hey that is my grandchildren” Emeka said punching us lightly. Just then Amanda and Joy came in and meant us laughing, Joy was holding the plate of food. ” Woow, this is unbelievable, I thought you guys fought some minutes ago” Amanda said. ” Eyah, Am proud of you guys” Joy said smiling to us. ” Now Gabriel will you eat now?” Joy asked again while I nodded. ” What about my own?” Sucex asked . ” We will both eat together” I said as I brought two spoons from the kitchen. I and Sucex finished eating and joined Emeka, Amanda and Joy on the bed, it wasn’t yet nine o’clock so it was not time to start reading. ” you guys shouldn’t be fighting o” Amanda said. ” Yeah, Gabriel shocked me today” Joy said as she punched me. ” it was today I believed that Gabriel wasn’t lying when he told me he used to be a karate student” Sucex said while we laughed. ” But what was actually the main cause of the fight self?” Amanda asked. ” Don’t mind Sucex o, he purposely locked his room mate outside since morning” Emeka said. ” Nike actually asked me to do it, she prevented me from coming back just to make Gabriel stay out, I told her I had an argument with him this morning ” Sucex said slowly while we all got up simultaneously from the bed and faced him.

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