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Gabi's Diary - Season 1 - Episode 13
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But why will she do such a thing?” Joy asked Sucex angrily. ” I thinks its time I talk sense into her” Joy said again. ” Joy please, dont tell her anything, I won’t like myself and her to be involved in any form of misunderstanding. ” Sucex told joy calmly. ” I am not bringing misunderstanding between the both of you, I am only trying to prevent her from bringing enmity between our small family” Joy said again as she got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. ” But Sucex, you shouldn’t allow a girl bring problem between us” Emeka added. ” Am sorry, I promise to talk to her, please Joy dont tell her anything” Sucex added. ” Sucex dont tell me you are scared of this girl ” Amanda said clapping her hands. ” If I make her angry now, she might leave me alone ” Sucex said while we all stared at him, I shook my heads in pity as I actually felt pity for him. ” What are we going to eat this night?” Emeka asked, he must have been thinking about food all this while. “But we just finished eating rice now” I said . ” That rice was actually for the afternoon, you only delayed in eating, we will cook beans” Amanda said while Emeka smiled happily. ” The beans will take long and that will allow us read into the night” Joy also said smiling,she was back from the bathroom. She went into the kitchen while Amanda went to Joy’s room to get the beans and ingredient. ” Hello Dad” Sucex said as he picked up his phone. ” Sucex, how can you tell me you are broke, I sent you 10 thousand naira about five days ago” His Dad said over the phone, his phone was actually on speaker. ” Dad I used it in buying some textbooks,and some manuals” Sucex lied. ” Oh, okay, I will send you something. Make sure you read your books o, how is Gabriel” The father asked, I actually felt pity for the man. ” Gabriel is fine” Sucex replied. ” And those your friends, those girls that always make noise whenever I call?” He asked again. ” They are fine Dad” Sucex said again and with that his dad put an end to the call. ” Sucex, Sucex, which textbooks did you buy?” I asked laughing. ” Man gat to lie bro, Nike is the textbooks o” he replied. ” Wait guy, you mean you spend 10k in a week, who does that? ” Emeka asked angrily. ” I does that” Sucex replied smiling. ” Sucex please wait, are you Nike’s Father?” I asked him again but he didn’t reply. ” Anyways, it is your life” I said and got up to arrange the reading table, ” Today is chemistry o” Joy shouted from the kitchen. ” I know ” I shouted back as I wore my glasses and began arranging the books. ” I didn’t inform you guys, my friend Tope is coming to spend a week with us o” I said after a while. ” wait is it that fair, fine boy?” Emeka asked. ” Yes, but he is not fine ” I replied. ” At least he is handsome than you are” Amanda also said from the kitchen. ” But Gabriel, you are weird o, you dont normally call your girlfriend” Joy said as she walked out of the kitchen with a Napkin. ” The convention is that she will flash me anytime she wants to speak with me, and I will call her back ” I said still arranging the books. ” What about if you wanna speak with her?” Joy asked again. ” I can’t call her because of her parents, I only have to wait till she flashes me” I replied. ” Then that isn’t an healthy relationship” Emeka chipped in. ” I know but what can I do?” I asked no one in particular. ” Gabi, let me ask you something” Amanda said as she also came out of the kitchen. ” Yeah go ahead” I said. ” Are you trying to tell all of us here that you dont have an eye for another girl considering the fact that your girlfriend isn’t in Benin?”Amanda asked. ” You shouldn’t be asking him that ” Joy said. ” Let him answer ” Amanda countered. I smiled and kept quiet as I continued arranging the books. ” Gabriel answer now” Sucex said while I looked up at them. ” Nope, I don’t have an eye for any other girl” I said. ” Liar” Emeka shouted, ” what of that fair girl that always want you to teach her chemistry, the most beautiful girl in our department, have forgotten her name” Emeka said. ” Wuraola, she is just my friend” I said calmly again. ” Okay let’s say that one is just your friend, are you trying to tell us that you dont have an eye for Joy ” the Mumu Sucex chipped in ( Sucex, God will still punish you for that question o) . I swallowed my spit, I wasn’t ready to answer that question at that moment. ” I think we should start reading, it 5 minutes after nine” I said. ” No, you must answer” Sucex said laughing. ” You guys should leave my Gabriel alone o” Joy said while I went into the bathroom like I was going to urinate, I didn’t go to urinate, no I didn’t go to urinate, I actually went with my rosary to swear for Sucex ( that is why till date, Sucex doesn’t know those that are following him, na me dey do am). I came back some minutes later hoping that they would have forgotten about the matter but the Mumu Sucex didn’t give up. ” The reason why Gabriel doesn’t want to confess his love to Joy is because he had made some foolish promises to his girlfriend that he would never leave her, so he is afraid to leave her so that God won’t punish him, he actually loves Joy ” Sucex said, thank God Joy and Amanda were in the kitchen,he was talking to Emeka. ” Gabriel, is that so?” Emeka asked while I hissed. ” Foolish question” I said and walked to the bathroom again ( I went to swear for Sucex again).

====> Tope came to stay with us about a week later, Tope happens to be a lively guy, he also has a girlfriend, his own girlfriend is four days older than he is , but she doesn’t use him ( Tope I told you I would say it), between Tope and Emeka, I don’t know who eats more, they are good in eating. It was on the first night of Tope stay that Sucex decided we had some moments of truth, thank God Joy and Amanda weren’t around that day, Joy went to see her parent while Amanda went to charge her phone in school, ( Amanda actually like staying out late). As usual Emeka was sleeping. ” So let’s start” Tope said as he put on his phone recorder. ” Hi, I am tope and I am in Gabriel apartment, you should all know Gabriel , that tall boy in class that loves proving physics ” Tope said to the phone .
” Here with me his Gabriel and Sucex his room mate, we will be having some moments of truth, like we are gonna be asking ourselves some personal question and we must not lie ” Tope said again. ” so let me ask Sucex first, when did you get your first girlfriend? ” Tope asked Sucex ” Sss 3 in secondary school” Sucex said proudly. ” ” what about you Gabriel?” He asked me. ” Primary five in primary school” I replied ( God punish you and your moment of truth ). ” Gabi be serious now” Tope said. ” You when did you have your own?” I transferred the question to him. ” Sss 3 also” he answered. ” Okay, let me be truthful, I had my first girlfriend when I was in jss 3″ I said while Tope opened his eyes wide. ” Are you for real?” He asked me while I nodded. ” Yeah ” I simply said. ” Okay my turn to ask, when did you have your first kiss tope?” The Mumu Sucex asked. ” That was here in Benin city, with my girlfriend” Tope said proudly. ” Mine was also here, with my girlfriend Nike” Sucex said while I coughed ( Mumu Sucex, kissing who can born you) ” Gabi what of you?” Sucex asked me. ” I had mine here also in Benin city ” I said, their eyes opened wide immediately, ” With who, I know your girlfriend isn’t here so with who?” Tope asked.

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