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Gabi's Diary - Season 1 - Episode 16
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” wait so you Mean Nike broke up with you?” I asked him laughing while he turned to the other side of the bed and continued to cry. ” What happened?” I asked as I sat beside him on the bed. ” I didn’t do anything o, it was just because I had been broke this week since my dad has refused to send me money, he thinks I have been squandering it and if not for you, I didn’t believe I would have survived this week” He said while I nodded my head in agreement, his dad had truly refused to send him money, can you imagine Sucex spent 20 thousand naira in one week? ” So this morning, as usual , she came to me that she was hungry and I told her how broke I was, I even explained that I haven’t eaten since yesterday night. She didn’t say a thing as she just nodded and left, she avoided me throughout today and only for her to call this night that she is no more interested in the relationship.” Sucex explained as tears fell down his eyes, for once I pitied him. ” she just said she wanted a breakup for no reason?” I asked again. ” No, it was because I wasn’t able to give her her daily one thousand naira, please Gabriel can you lend me three thousand so that I can at least be able to carter for her” Sucex said again, the idiot hadn’t learnt his lesson. ” I can’t give you, are you this stupid? Are you her father?” I asked him angrily. ” Just imagine this, a girl broke up with you because of a day mistake, not even a mistake. As a boyfriend, you have the right to choose if to give her money or not, it isn’t your responsibility ” I said to him while he lifted up his face to look at me, just then our house mates, Joy, Amanda and Emeka came in for the night. ” Why is Sucex like this?” Emeka asked as he saw Sucex crying and shivering. ” Gabriel dont tell me you guys are fighting again” Joy said while I shook my head the negative. ” His girlfriend broke up with him” I said while they all bursted into laughter. ” This is good news brother, you shouldn’t be crying bro” Emeka said. ” I still love her, I dont want to breakup with her” Sucex said. ” Hmm, Sucex you are free from bondage now” Amanda added laughing hard. ” But the girl deserved to be punished, she can’t just go away like that, not with all she had embezzled ” Emeka said while I nodded. ” please guys help me beg her” Sucex said again still crying, we all bursted into another round of laughter. ” Bro that is how it is, you dont need her, all you need now is to move on” Amanda consoled as she patted Sucex back. ” But bro, I hope you won’t let her go after all she has done to you, after she has embezzled you, you need to revenge ” I said in anger, the girl really useless my bro. ” please let her embezzle more, all I need is her ” Sucex said. ” Sucex dear ” Joy called as she rubbed her hand on Sucex’s head,she then sat close to him ( how I wish it was me). ” I think you should forget about her, she isn’t meant for you” Joy said. ” You guys are not helping me, please you all should get out” Sucex shouted while we looked at him and bursted into laughter. ” Come and beat us if we don’t go ” Joy said as she went to the kitchen with Amanda. ” Gabriel and Emeka, you guys are the closest I have got, please help me, I will die o” Sucex said with a sad voice, I sat him down with Emeka while Joy and Amanda remained in the kitchen cooking. ” Sucex, you know I won’t lie to you” I started while he nodded. ” Since you have been dating Nike, tell me one good thing you have achieved from her” I said to him but he couldn’t think of any, Emeka was now laughing seriously. ” But I can even help you count the number of troubles and challenges you have faced since you left her” I said again, this time Joy and Amanda were out of the kitchen and have come to stay with us, Joy was resting her head on my shoulders, thank you Jesus. ” You remember the first chemistry test we did in class, you performed below expectations” I said to him, ” in this our hostel, aren’t you the lowest in that test?” I asked him. ” I am” Sucex replied. ” What did Nike score in that test?” I asked again. ” 71″ he replied, “and what did you score ?” I asked him again ” 69″ he said while I nodded. ” Virtually every day now, you leave us here to go to night class but you truly go to see Nike, you have stopped reading with us. This same Nike made you fight against your family, you almost fought the same man who harboured you here in Benin when you have no where to stay, your own Uncle. You told you mom who carried you for nine months that you hate her, how many times have you heard her talk to her parents because of you the way you do because of her? ” I asked again while he shook his head and I nodded. ” Sucex, think, this girl never left you when you had all the money, she never left you when you dad do send you 10 thousand naira per week, why this week that your dad haven’t sent you a thing, does this not mean a thing to you, don’t you think she is just after your money?” I asked while he nodded. ” See bro, what will make a 24 year old girl date a 16 year old guy?” I asked him again. ” Nothing” he replied . ” Bro, I have said mine, do what you want” I concluded and slightly slapped joy who was biting my shoulder ( the girl no wan get sense again). ” So Sucex , Gabriel have said it o, be wise” Joy added as she stood up to check what they were cooking. ” Ah, I have seen the light, thank you guys, thank you” Sucex said. ” Please guys, I want all I have given her back” he said again as he picked up his phone to call Nike but Emeka held his hand . ” Calm down bro, you will revenge, all of us here will surely help you revenge. I have a plan, pick that phone and beg her, tell her that you can live without her and promise to give her some money tomorrow” Emeka said while I looked at him, I dont know where he was driving at but I trust Emeka, always on point, not always but sometimes. ” i will lend you a thousand naira tomorrow, give it to Nike,we are only giving her to make her stay with him and enable her face our anger, that will also be the last money she will get from him” Emeka said while I nodded. ” Dont worry bro, she has failed this city” Emeka said again . ” put a call to her” Emeka said as Sucex picked the phone to call her. ” Oh my God, Sucex what part of am not interested In you anymore dont you understand?” Nike voice sounded from the phone, Sucex took a deep breath.


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