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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 11
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I ducked pretending to be doing something on the ground but yet again I heard her voice calling my name.

With Shame I smiled like a child caught in the act of something forbidden and walked towards her.

” How have you been?” She asked when I stood with my bucket close to her.
” am fine thank you” I responded not taking my eyes off the ground.
” why do I have the feeling you are avoiding me.? She asked a question that shocked me.

I was always running away from her but I had not anticipated she had seen me. In fact I even avoided Tracy, for fear she could bring the issue of me dancing.

It was like I was running away from myself. Trying so hard to suppress the desire to do what I really wanted.
” am not madam” I answered
” okey. Listen, I have a few questions for you so why don’t you go inside and put your bucket then join me in the Music class. I have some one am talking to but I want to see you before I go back home.” She told me. More like an order.

I did as she told me and went to join her when she was just finishing her lesson with one of the female students.
I watched her as she stood towards the radio player turning on the Music.. I knew the song playing, it was one of the best songs for a dance called Waltz. A very passionate dance that involved a powerful and emotional way of dancing. A woman would have to do a lot of throwing up her hands and bending her head whilst a man was to follow her moves and hold her close ensuring he connected with her every move and touch.

I recalled how the dance teacher at one of the dance schools I used to sneak to would emphasis to the guys to have a strong hold and follow closely the lead of a woman and avoid her body slipping off your hands and holding the lady close by the waist.

I was lost in thoughts when I saw Ms Jere walk to the centre of the room. She had the curtains to the dance class drawn.

For a minute I developed shivers thinking negatively.

” you know this song” she said. It wasn’t a question but more like a statement.
” what?” I asked surprised. How could she tell?.

” I have seen you dance before Jared Zimba.”

Now I was completely numb.
I was sure I had not danced since I got to that school so I wondered what her words meant.
” look, am just trying to help you come out of the shell. I know for sure when you open up even your academic life will improve. You have been hiding and suppressing your true dream no wonder even your brain will not be free to do other things because the mind listens to your heart.” She explained as though answering my questions.

I looked up at her amused. When she extended her hands towards me I was now practically shaking.

She walked towards me and whispered, ” I was once a student at Shine dance school and I saw you several times. That’s how come I know about you. The instructor there told me lots about you and when Tracy showed me and told me that it was like you were struggling to open up to dance. I remembered you.

Maybe you don’t remember me but 2 years ago I used to go help at Shine dance school before I got this job here. ”
She nooded her head when my eyes went to her face in wonder.
” if you know so much about me. Then why are you doing this? You must know that my parents won’t approve of this.” I told her almost in a whisper.

She smiled her red lips curving right in front of me.
“I think dancers can talk as they dance too ” she responded avoiding my question.
Reluctantly I took her hand and followed her to the centre.

“Am sure you have not forgotten” she smiled again.” Come on,” .

I let myself free and allowed her to lead then i joined in dancing alongside her. Her black frayered dress moving from one side to the other.
I was lost in the moment dancing with Ms Jere forgetting I was with one of my supposed to be teachers, the dance was so intense and captivating I enjoyed every bit of it. When the Music finally stopped playing I was panting heavily as she did her last stance laying her head on my hand as my right hand remained on Her waist holding her still. Her face coming close to mine.

I gazed at her for some seconds and she cleared her throat to bring me back to the moment.

” you can let go now” she smiled
” oh yeah I sighed pulling her up.”
” see Now, that wasn’t bad at all” Ms Jere announced turning off the radio.
” how do you feel inside?” She asked indicating for me to sit on a chair as she sat on the opposite side. .

I actually feel relieved, I acknowledged honestly

” Good. Now I want, No, am asking you to join the group we can use someone like you. You are already accustomed to the dances. I need you to help me with the other students. There’s a competition coming on in three weeks time and I want the group to go and participate. You too If you would accept.”
” I I don’t know,” I shrugged. ” am not sure I should do this. Besides I was told to start some remedial work for the subjects am not doing well so..”
” that’s alright. I know your friend John can help you with your studies, Tracy is quite good academically too. I will ask her to help too then I will see if i can talk to some teachers. I need the whole group training everyday for the next week’s after classes and the headteacher has given me a go ahead. I just need to talk to the class teachers and am sure they will understand” she explained.
” okey” I nodded my head and smiled for the first time since I got to the class.

She explained what needed to be done and I went back to the hostels just before dinner. I was almost jumping up and down with excitement. Everything just felt right.

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