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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 17
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He cleared his throat and indicated for me to sit down as he did too.

Reluctantly I joined him and he spoke,
” well, I just talked to your teacher the young lady insists that I should give you a chance and see how you fair in your end of term exams” he paused.
I was still quite and my eyes kept on the small flower in front of us.

” so I want you to promise me that you will improve your grades. Prove what you said about you growing up and being matured enough to make your own choices. To tell you the truth I am not going to lie that I accept the fact that you should be dancing. All I want is to see you do okey with school.”
I looked at him and my thoughts went wild.
“How can he say he hasn’t accepted? Why on earth was he still talking to me then?” I asked myself.

” Thank you” I finally spoke not even knowing what I thanked him for really. It was evident the man would never accept me for who I was.

He sighed, ” listen Jared I have always wanted….”

” what’s best for me” I nodded finishing his sentence.
” do you even love me dad? ” I asked without thinking through my words.
I saw him look up at me. ” what? So you think I push you to work hard because I don’t love you?” He responded with a question and I stood up.

” don’t answer the question father” I giggled.

I mostly used the word ” father” whenever I wanted to stress the point that he fathered me but didn’t love me. Well that was my theory.

In a good mood and trying to talk normally with him I would refer to him as “dad” but at that moment his delidaling to tell me straight up he loved me or not I felt he didn’t deserve the dad title.

” Thank you for coming father and please regards to mom and aunty Nelly. I have something to take care of now and I got to go” I added taking a step leaving him seated.
” I get it you are upset Jared but am sure one day you will understand that I have your best interest at heart” he talked calmly.
When he saw I was serious with leaving he stood up and removed some cash from his pocket. ” here, for your expenses”
I looked at the money and back at his face. My other sense telling me to refuse it but I thought of how terrible that would make him feel so I got the money and thanked him leaving him immediately.

A week passed and we had a day before the final day for the competition in Lusaka which was to be held at Mulungushi Conference centre.

Ms Jere called us together as we waited with our packed bags waiting for the bus to take us to the city for the big day.

She had given us prio instructions and told us we would travel with another teacher who would help with the organising of things.
Tracy stood closer to me and I glanced at her small dress. I couldn’t help admire her sweet looks but my major interest was with Ms Jere.

Over time I started enjoying being around her more. She just felt right and said the right words every time.

I didn’t know if it was because she was the person that stood up and defended me from my father or it was the very fact that apart from her kind words she was so beautiful.
” Jay!” Come over and help me with something before the bus gets here” her soft gentle voice called me and I turned to look up at her instantly.

She wore a red blouse which was a see through. If not for the small white vest she had put inside, one would see her skin. A black jean in which she had the inside vest tucked in and a pair of white pumps.
” wow!” I screamed in my head. This woman is a indeed a hot cake, I swallowed hard.

“Am coming !” I responded almost jumping with excitment.

I saw Tracy shoot me some stare and I patted her back telling her to watch over my bag. She shrugged without saying a word but I ignored her and trotted towards the direction Ms Jere was heading.

“How are you feeling, ” she asked me as she packed some papers in a small file .
” I don’t know, excited, nervous at the same time” I chuckled
” me too ” she laughed.

“I feel like am the one going to dance instead of you guys. Am so nervous I don’t know how to hold it. The only thing is that I know you guys will do the best and make me proud.”

I smiled widely, “what do you expect we have the best teacher ”

I saw her relax as she smiled too. ” So you clear with being watched on the Television?” She asked the most unexpected question.
” what do you mean madam?” I asked making wrinkles on my face.
” I didn’t tell you earlier but the competition is being sponsored by Airtel and they will televise it on ZNBC. I hope that won’t be a problem for you” she looked at me.

” am , I don’t know, does everyone know about this?” I questioned her
” well they will know soon enough. What? Does that change anything? ”
” no it doesn’t but… I don’t know if,…”
” don’t worry your father already knows about it I was forced to tell him. You know, in case he sees it on TV.”

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