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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 30
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I looked at the lights across the building, the entire city was lit, it was like there was no place that didnt have lights.
I sighed feeling the chilled breeze touch my skin. I didn’t want to put on anything on me except for the long sleeved T shirt I had on top of some black pants.

It was one of the days I missed home so much. Home by that I meant Angela. Not that I didn’t miss my family, but I felt I could do with just talking with them on the phone and video chatting a little too.

I have been communicating with Angela on a daily basis, at least up until 4 months back when I couldn’t get through to her number. I tried to contact her but I never went through.
I felt tears threatening to spill from my eyes when thoughts of the last time I saw her came to my mind.

I had gone to her place on a Monday I was to travel. I woke up early finished parking my things and rushed out before anyone could see me. I drove to her place hoping she was awake. I was by her gate at exactly 07 am.
” am outside” I called her and cut the line before she could say anything.
I just loved her looks without make-up on and she looked so good in my eyes in her chitenge I could tell she was from her bed by the look on her face.
” Jay, are you not supposed to be preparing for the airport now?” She asked as she opened the car door as I didn’t get down deliberately wanting her to come in.
” I know but I just couldn’t go. I had to make sure I saw you first. Am going for 2 years and I don’t know if I will find any chance to come back before that.” I told her.

“I want to make you mine love” I told her making her turn to face me in an instance.
” what? What do you mean Jay?” She whispered avoiding my gaze.
” yeah you heard me, am 21 and still a virgin. I want you to be my first before I go to Paris.” I spoke straight up.

I saw her turn her face down slowly playing with her hands. ” Jay why are you so much in a rush? I mean we just started this a day ago and here you are talking about making love to me. What do you expect me to feel about all this?

” I know you might probably think I want to use you but look into my eyes and tell me am here for some kind of game” I glanced at her.

I saw her shift in her seat uncomfortably. “What is It?” I asked her.
” I have never had sex with anyone before too Jay and honestly I don’t think am ready. Give me some time will you?”
I wanted her so bad even though I was a little scared. ” okey I won’t push you” I had told her,

“am sure when I come back we will have plenty of time to catch up and make all the love we can possibly do” I laughed as she did too.

She asked for me to give her a few minutes as she went back into the yard.
Coming back after about 8 minutes she had changed into a short dress and pamps. The smell of her lotion told me she took a bath or shower.

“Let’s go ” qshe looked at me as she fastened her seat belt.
” mnmmm where to?” I asked surprised.
“I will show you just follow my direction.its about 25 minutes passed 07, we have about 5 hours together then you can go back to pick your things for the airport” she smiled
I wanted to persist asking where we were going but I didn’t want to ruin the look of excitement on her face.

We passed Avondale and had now joined great east road. She told me to turn as we got to a Catholic church across showing me some direction until she asked me to park inside a house in Chelstone with a round fence of flowers.

” who stays here? ” I asked calmly as she led me to the front door. I thought she would knock but she surprised me again when she took out the keys from the small purse in her hands and opened the door.
” okey,” I sighed shaking my head as followed her inside.
” easy up. This is my friend’s house and she’s out of town. I called her and she gave me permission to come over and spend some time with you” she chuckled holding my hand to the couch.

I felt my inside go wild as I imagined the time I would spend with her so close and alone in a house.

” I couldn’t say anything for a couple of minutes not wanting to bring up the topic of making love to her when she was clear she needed time.

Before I could find my words I saw her stand in the door way with all her clothes off.
” Angela, oh my God! What are you doing I thought you said….”

” shshshshsh” she held her mouth and turned away invitingly.

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