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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 33
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3 years later…….

” How are you feeling?” Beverly asked me helping me with my color.
” mnmmm good I guess, this is a very big thing for me and I know my competitor is so good too. But am glad I made it this far” i sighed.

I had decided to take part in the World ballroom dance competition and I was taken by surprise when I succeeded during the auditions.

It had been a tough fight for the past 3 months where we had to compete with different dancers from across the world.
With the help of my trainer the time I got to Paris, I had made it to the top and now was on the finalist. I had to compete finally with another dancer in the male category. The guy was very good I would agree. He was from German and I would see how good he was.
However, I loved that the spectators loved my style. I had put it some spicing dance style to make it so apppeling and a bit out of the old fashion dance styles.

” He’s good yes, but you are the best my man! Tonight is the night you are going to make history and am so proud of you. Your mother came to support you on this important day and am sure she’s proud of you too” she added patting my chest as she stood in between me and the mirrow.
” I know my mother has had a change of mind over the years and maybe one day my father will be proud of me. What bothers me is…”

” Angela!” She completed my sentence.
” when are we going to stop talking about that woman Jay? Seriously, am fade up. She has not bothered to get in touch with you for years even when you tried all you can to find her. She has blocked you on Facebook, she changed her lines and even moved to a different town. What more do you want? It’s high time you forgot about her. Move on already and committ yourself to people who love you.” She explained.

” by that you mean yourself?” I asked her walking away.
” yeah, it’s now like am complaining or something , you make me happy in bed and all but I want us to be more than friends without strings Jay. Come on you know I love you right?”
” am Sorry, from the time we started your so called friends without strings” I said raising my hands to make quotation marks for ‘strings’.
” but i made it clear am in love with someone else. So don’t push it too much. I don’t like noise and you know that perfectly well” I snapped.
” well, come down now Mr, I didn’t say you get all worked out. It’s your big day today so relax and go out there and show the world how far you can go with your dance dream!” She shouted smiling.

I liked Beverly, she had a way of putting me back on track. But she wasn’t the girl for me. I had dedicate my heart to Angela even when it had been 2 years without hearing a thing from her.

John who I sent to check on her told me he never found her at her brothers place. In fact the family had shifted God knew where to. He went to our old school and she had resigned. No one knew where she had gone.

I couldn’t get to believe Angela dumped me and probably got married to someone else.
” she could have told me the truth at least. I know she isn’t the person to act so childish like that. I wanted to travel back to Zambia to go see things for myself but the work and contracts got piled up I had to finish up things before taking leave. Plus the competition which too took most of my time.

I made a mental note to go back home myself to find out what was going on when I was done.

” ladies and gentlemen, for our grand finale! Welcome to the floor our magnificent, charming and most intriguing dancers! Jared Zimba from Africa and Paul McCartney of Germany! Give them a big hand as they come forward!” The presenter shouted and the Music played loud as we walked down to the stage.

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