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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 36
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I woke up with a start, my phone was vibrating on the table. Grabbing it I placed it on my ear without looking at the caller ID.
” hey!” I sighed as I waited for the person on the other end to respond. When I realise it was silent, I sat up.
” who is this?” I asked hoping it could be my Angela.

How stupid,I thought to myself. ” if Angela has not called me in years, why was I even thinking she would suddenly call me.
” Hello!” I answered again but this time the line cut.

I tried to call back but couldn’t go through.
I decided to ignore whoever was calling and prepare to go and meet my father. I quickly took a bath and wore some casual clothes before walking out.
” I have to get to Lusaka West ” i informed the taxi driver getting inside. I didn’t bother call someone to pick me up from home, giving my assistant a break too. I couldn’t just wait.
” oh my God! I waited for this day to come when I would see you all grown up and succeeded in achieving your dream my handsome boy!” Aunty Nelly shouted as she saw me walk to the door.
” my dear aunty Nelly, I missed you so much” I hugged her close.

” I missed you too my champion and am so proud of you. I saw the competition, you really stood out my boy. I kept of smiling like a fool as I watched you. It was so much my heart was almost failing me with joy” she whispered.
” thank you my hero, you always say the right words.” I held her
“She smiled her face now getting old but with the same motherly smile that I missed so much.” You look old and good at the same time” I teased her as she let go of my hand.

” are we going to see you already? Or you plan on just ending in the kitchen” I heard my sister Nina call out to me.
” kiddo, you are all grown up come on here! I shouted pulling her in a hug.

” you are famous now Jay, am so proud of you” she chuckled holding my hand and leading me to the living room where my parents where.

We had a family breakfast after the greetings.
My father for some reason wasn’t looking straight at me and I knew his wife had told him why I had gone there.
” so I watched the last part of the competition, I bet you just had to follow your heart huh? It was a good performance and am sure people were happy” he spoke up lifting a cup of coffee to his mouth.
” Yeah actually it was great. Am glad I followed my heart. I guess refusing to live under the wings of others pays off after all” I said sacastically and my mother cleared her throat.

” so how long are you staying here?” She asked to distract the tension between me and my father.
” am only here for a few days. Am heading right back when am done with what I came here for. I have to be in the company of people who motivate me and besides I got lots of shows lined up for me. Some of us we earn a living by entertaining people ” I added to make sure my last words came out exactly the way my father had said them years back and I saw him look down his plate.
“Excuse me, I think I have had enough, thank you for the meal aunty Nelly.. You always have a way with food” I smiled at aunty Nelly who was putting some desert on the table.

“Thank you” she smiled as I held her shoulder and passed behind her.

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