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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 40
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I was devasted, how can it be that when I had just fallen deeply in love and was going to be a mother, that God would decide to cut my life short. I cried almost all the time.

The only strength that I had was the baby growing inside of me. I decided to switch off my phone for some time not wanting To talk to Jay, less I broke down in front of him as he usually made some video calls.

I was one day outside thinking about what I was to do when Jay’ s father came. I didn’t understand why he came. So I calmly invited him inside.

” what brings you here Sir?” I asked him after we sat in the house.
” I heard that you have some intimate relationship with my son. I just came to warn you to stay away from him. Here I was thinking you have the best intrest at heart for him meanwhile you want to take advantage of him. ” I let him speak his heart out as tears rolled down my face.

I couldn’t believe he thought of me being with Jay because of his money. He went on rebuking me for not letting him make the right choices.

” am sorry sir, you are mistaken. I didn’t start a relationship with your son because of your money. I genuinely fall in love and my efforts to ignore my feelings failed when your son looked for me and found me. I love him and he loves me. Unlike what you are saying, Jay is a man now and he knows what he wants. Stop trying to fix his life already.” I went on telling him without hesitation.
” I was told how you manipulated him so that he can fall for you but believe me I will no let that happen” he scolded angrily not wanting to to reason with me.
I finally gave up trying to talk him out of it. Knowing I could die any moment.

I went on telling him I was pregnant and he stood there watching me like I was some kind of rubbish.

” am pregnant for Jay, him and me are now connected. So there’s nothing anyone can do about it ” I said softly looking down.
He asked if Jay knew and when I told him I had not said anything to Jay he sighed and told me to go on and tell him.
” let him come back here and take responsibility” he said sternly.
I however knew his motive was to get Jay to stop the dance lessons and I wasnt going to let that happen. My desire was to see him finish his course and probably try something that would make his dream succeed.
” am sorry I won’t tell him” I begun looking at him.
” and may you care to explain why not?” He chuckled teasingly. ” I see you are afraid his too young to take responsibility and so now you agree with my words about him being young and naive.”
” No, again you are wrong sir. I wont tell him because I know if I do he will be happy and would even want to come back home for his child. My greatest fear however, is that am not going to live that long and i know if Jay knew about my condition he will start worrying which will make him loose his focus. I dont want that for him. So yes, I will not tell him yet.

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