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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 19
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I ran to the front and walked closer to the Windows looking at some clothes. I couldn’t stay any more close to him. ” is he crazy? ” I asked myself getting upset. I knew there was nothing going on between us but Jay was starting to get on my nerves.

He kept on eyeing our dance teacher and I started feeling irritated. I was sure I looked good. After we arrived at the lodge I had taken extra time bathing and dressing up.
I recall Ms Jere had called me to tell me that we would have our dinner at Arcades and later on walk around before returning to the lodge.

” you girls just freshen up and let’s have some time out. I don’t want you to be all groomy tommorow I want you relaxed” she added with her killer smile.

I just couldn’t help feel jealousy. I used to like her so much and her beauty was evident. I always thought she was the most beautiful and good looking teacher in the school but now I wasn’t liking it at all.

I was only 16 but I felt so much attracted to Jay. I tried my girlish gestures to have him notice me but ended up hurt when he only saw me as a friend.

I noticed how much I had been on him trying to raise some small fights so that I can just keep close but the guy completely ignored me.
My aunty at home even told it was just my teenage hormenes bulging up but I clearly denied her allegation.
” am not crazy aunty”, I would tell her.
” I have not felt anything like I feel for Jay and I know he’s my first love.” I argued.

” well be careful cause if your mother was to know you have started having such thoughts she will skin you alive” my aunty would threaten me.

” I didn’t say am going to give myself to him for sex Aunty, I just like him that’s it” I stood my defence and she raised her hands in surrender.

” you are a little stubborn thing my friend and I hope you will be careful. Don’t fantasize about a guy that doesn’t even look at you. I have been there and it can drive people of your age crazy” she shrugged and kept on cleaning the house.

I wanted to ignore the urge to want Jay close to me but everytime I saw him I just couldn’t resist.

Whenever he danced with me I took it so personal and I felt he belonged to me. Call me foolish or whatever I wanted him for myself and him eyeing my teacher wasn’t so cool.
” Tracy!, can you call the others I think we should head back to the lodge now. The driver wants to go and rest and we all need to. We have a long day tommorow” Ms Jere told me
” sure Madam” I responded walking to the other side.

Back at the lodge she stood by the door and talked to us a bit before she turned to go I walked to the door.

” Ms Jere,” I started patting my thighs as i stood near her .

” what is it dear?” She asked clamly smiling at me.
” I have something to ask you” I started figiting.

” yep!” She acknowledged looking at her phone.

” are we going to wear a little make up tomorrow?”
she stopped looking at her phone and looked up at me.” I see you want to look good huh?” She let a laugh.

” Yeah I think so, you are ball room dancers and I want you all to look spectacular, no wonder I told you I will have to take you out to the saloon in the morning to do your hair, nails and make-up.”

“But, be warned you will have to undo everything before you go to class on monday” she quickly added.
“Great!” I shouted rushing back to the girls. We were 4 in total so were the guys.
“Girls we will look great tomorrow and we gonna beat them I shouted throwing myself on the bed as the girls all laughed excited.
” I can bet my Jay will look so handsome in his suit and I can’t wait for him to hold me in those perfect hands” I said closing my eyes and mimicking the dance extending my hands like I was dancing with him.
” he’s just your dancing partner and not your boyfriend Tracy” my friend reminded me and I stood up to her.
” well , never say never right?” I blushed proudly.

The following morning I woke up early and as the girls started dressing up I first decided to take a walk out the lodge.

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