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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 25
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” what are you going to do now?” Aunty Nelly asked me as she hanged the clothes outside.

I had just been telling her how I had been looking for Angela a couple of months after completing school. I had tried to call her a million times, leaving texts but there was no response.

” I don’t know aunty Nelly. Am really bothered, if only she knew how much I miss her and want to see her before I leave next week. ” I complained.

She was the only person I had told my feelings for my teacher and as always Aunty Nelly gave me sound advice . She told me if I was able to have such persistence it meant I trully had fallen in love.

I had gone back to the school after we completed school but I didn’t find her. They told me she was still on leave and won’t be back until after a month. I had asked the teacher who I thought could be friends with her to give me the number she was using but she told me Angela never contacted her since she left and she also didn’t know what other numbers she had.

She asked why I went looking for her and I lied she had not cleared me on the clearance forms and that she had to sign my scholarship. I knew I shouldn’t have brought in the scholarship thing as her friend took it serious and asked me to talk to the head so that maybe he could find a way for my papers to be signed. I pretended to go the head teacher’s office but turned away leaving the school premises.

” you surely love her” aunty Nelly sighed.
” I do love her and I know she must have something for me but she’s hesitant. She should have given me a chance though, I won’t forget her that easily. ”

” since you can’t find her and have tried your best to look for her, just give her some time. Am sure she’s not comfortable with the fact that you are 2 years younger than her and the circumstances under which you met makes things some what complicated” she explanned.

“Seriously though, I don’t think that’s an issue ” I kept on saying.
I was to leave the country after going through the whole procedure with the sponsors. My father insisted that I don’t go and wait until I went to college. I had passed with 22 points and that was more than what I had expected. I could see my father trying to open up to me but never wanted to get closer to him. I feared if I did he would end up convincing me to drop my scholarship.

I knew having him otherwise was the best way so that I could avoid feeling bad if I let him down.

” do what you want”, he clearly told me one day.

” But count me out. Am not going to support your dance career. And you can as well forget about me sponsoring you to the university if you leave for Paris. That will mark the end of you being my responsibility.” He warned me.
I didn’t care though. At that point in life i wasnt going to need so much of his help. The scholarship i had was to cater for all my expenses and so I was okey.

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